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Thinking about selling my hatch to get a s2000. Motor only has about 800 miles on it. I dont need to sell it but I would really like a s2000. So trades are welcome if you have a s2000. I have alot of money and time in this car so dont try to get me to agree to a low ball price. I have listed what each item cost me so you can see how much money is in this car. The only thing this car needs is a new windshield. It has a small crack in the corner. I took 300 off the asking price to account for this for you.

Asking 17,000 cash firm or trade for a s2k and cash on your part (I would need to see pictures of the s2k)

2004 k20a2 motor (2000)
EP3 5-speed tranny (600)
OEM 2002 valve seats (50)
Blueprint racing valves, springs, retainers, oil seals (550)
Blueprint racing head studs (150)
Blueprint racing connecting rods with blueprint racing rod bolts (550)
Weisco 9:1 pistons (450)
Full Race manifold with custom 60mm wastegate flange (1400)
Tial 60mm wastegate (600)
Garrett GT3582R ball bearing turbocharger (1400)
Precision intercooler core with PWR endtanks (600)
Custom intercooler piping by Jason Schmuck - 2.5" hot side 3" from the throttle body (300 in parts)
Custom 2.5"dumptube by Jason Schmuck (80 in parts)
Custom 3"downpipe by Jason Schmuck (120 in parts)
Custom 4" "cat-back" exhaust (600 in parts)
Custom catch can (450)
Hybrid Racing K-Swap billet mounts (300)
Hybrid Racing heavy duty shifter cables with type s shifter box (450 total)
Hybrid Racing k-swap conversion harness (300)
K-Pro ECU (1000)
Walbro 255 fuel pump (300)
Precision 1000cc Injectors with resister box (300)
K-Tuned fuel rail (150)
Custom fuel lines (100 in parts)
Innovative fuel pressure regulator (200)
Omni 3-bar map sensor (140)
Brake line tuck (did myself)
Wire tuck (did myself)
Engine bay shaved (100 in parts- did myself)
Battery relocated in front of passenger side tire (50 in parts)
Custom charge harness with fuse box mounted behind glove box (50 in parts - did myself)
Spoon carbon kevlar plug cover (150)
Painted valve cover to match the car (50 in parts)

Painted Amazon Green Metallic (2500 - shell and paint)
Lexan Rear Windows (150)
16" Spun Wheels (600)
Advan 225/45-16 Drag Radials (500)
VIS carbon fiber front lip (150)
APR carbon fiber f-1 style mirrors (150)
Custom Decals by Brandon Kuhn (20)

Gutted (did myself)
Moroso 6-point roll cage installed by Jason Schmuck (250 in parts)
Interior wire tuck (did myself)
Interior shave (100 in parts - did myself)
Integra dash and console (150)
Password JDM carbon kevlar airbag tray (150)
JDM ITR cluster (100)
JDM ITR radio block off (50)
Bucket style racings seats (400)
G-Force Racing harnesses (200)
Rear dome light relocation - relocated to the front (did myself)
Custom mounted AEM wideband (250)
Custom mounted Autometer boost guage (50)

Powerslot front and rear rotors (350)
Hawk brake pads front and rear (150)

Megan Springs (300)

Total in parts comes to: 20,110

Like I said you can see how much was put into this car. Plus that doesnt count the help I got from my friends along the way and the labor that a car like this would take to build. So my asking price is resonable. This is truely a one of a kind car. It made it to one show and got interest from a guy related to a magizine (import tuner). So as you can see this car is a "one of a kind". The only reason im selling is to get a s2k which has been my dream car for awhile. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.



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This is probably one of the most thorough and complete ground-up builds around.

All of the work performed was done in my facilities by myself, the OP, and those who work for me, and is of the utmost quality. No corners were cut in order to make this car what it is today, and stands as a shining example of what some money, a goal, and good old-fashioned elbow grease can achieve.

While I may not agree with the sale of this vehicle, I can say whoever buys it is buying a 110% solid built car.

The potential to make some real horsepower exists with the installation of the boost solenoid, and of course a retune for more boost.

Whoever buys this, please contact me. I will offer tuning on this car at a discounted rate, as it's begging for more boost, and would like to see someone have the engine meet its' potential.

Good luck,
Derek Robinson
Innovative MotorWorks
(717) 218-8227
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