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92' VX w/K20 Turbo Hondata Kpro

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ttt. :p
like whoa when u pop the hood :eek:

people are like wtf is that??

people say it needs to be in mags :dance:
Dc5itracer said:
Nice ride mang got no other videos :up: :cool:

no sorry not yets I will post it today when I hit the tracks if someone can record it for me :dance:
RC000E said:
How in the hell do you go from the mentality of building a K20 turbo'd eg, to saying you don't need a fast car or have time to work on it? That's the most rediculous shit I've ever heard.

I was going to but now plans have changed I don't even drive it lol.
Drive it once in a blue moon.. :cool:
car is no longer got in accident caught on fire :)

didnt have chance to dyno... :(
lifendet said:
cant play the video :mad:

maybe update media player its working for me I jus dl it and watched it :(

i am sad :) :eek:
1 - 7 of 13 Posts