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92-00 Half Rad in a Turbo RSX?

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I am helping out a friend with a turbo RSX (approx. 500 whp) and I would like to get some opinions on using an aftermarket dual core 92-00 half rad (aluminum) or if it would be better to keep the oem RSX rad in place? RSX engine bays have limited space so I have moved the battery to the trunk and still need to find a good location to mount a catch can setup. LMK if you guys think the half rad will cool the engine enough or if something bigger needs to be used. Thanks for some input.
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I think half size radiator will cool the engine just like it would on swapped cars
Yeah that's exactly what I am thinking too. I don't do many turbo builds at all so I guess I want to be sure that a 92-00 half rad will cool enough for a 500 whp turbo setup.
We use a half rad in the Team XXX Racing RSX, but we also have an electric water pump.

no cooling problems, we have to manually turn the fan on other wise it wont get up to temperature (thats how effective it is on the cooling system)

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Set your fan up on the switch in kpro. No need to manually turn it on
Damn that's a mean looking RSX. I think the half size would be cool Mike, hell people use them in big power swaps all the time so I see no issue in the RSX. But hell what do I know :)
Set your fan up on the switch in kpro. No need to manually turn it on
we do now, I was thinking of the water pump :thud:

It's been a long weekend lol
Half rad should be fine Mike.
yup, 92-00 civics run half size and when you k-swap... it's still the same ol' power plant isn't it?
i think the question of fitting either a full or a half size radiator depends on the weather too,here on the east asia side the temperatures regularly reach above 40c in the summers,which makes us think twice about a half size.
im using one on my turbo ep3 and have had no issues at all, had to remove thermostat for the summer due to heater delete!!

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^ Did you make your own brackets for a half size rad in an EP3?
I know lots of people use the half size radiators and have no problems but my integra will overheat in stop and go traffic and my crx with b16 will eventually overheat with the stock rad. So i decided to get a 3 core full rad for my k swap into the crx. Dont even know if itll fit yet but im tired of dealing with cooling issues.
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