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I selling my 1991 RX7 project car and wanted to know if anyone is interested in going rotary. I bought this n/a car several months ago and installed a 88 turbo II motor shortly after. When I bought the swap I didn't know some of the wiring harness connectors on the 88 motor were not plug and play in the 91 body. Even though I was not able to plug up every connector I was able to turn the motor over several times and it sounded really strong. Since it's hard to come buy a good turbo motor I decided to purchase a Haltech E6X stand alone ECU to run the car. I also purchased the Haltech sensor pack (water temp, tps and air intake temp sensor) and 3 bar map sensor which is good for 30 psi. Total cost for the ECU and sensors was over $1300. I started installing the wiring harness and some of the sensors but never got around to finishing the car. The Haltech ECU, setup CD, laptop cord, water temp sensor and air intake sensor are still in the box. The wiring harness, 3 bar map sensor and tps have been installed. I also purchased / installed a turbo II driveshaft, rearend and several brand new (interior & exterior trim) parts from the dealer. I had to slightly modified the n/a half shafts to fit the turbo II rearend cause I could not find them new or used. The car will come with a rare back seat (I have the seat belts), used HKS turbo timer and the remaining stock parts that I have. The turbo does have some shaft play but I'm not sure if it needs to be rebuilt. The paint on the car is in fair condition but a repaint is needed. My friend and I cut the original hood and molded the hood scoop in. There is no rust on the exterior of the car and what little rust I found underneath has been treated. The battery was also replaced about 3 months ago.

Asking $2800 for everything.....picked up.

I really don't care to ship this but if someone wants to pay shipping fees I'll do it.


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