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87.5mm pistons on stock K24 sleeves

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Hi guys so the K24 will need to be bored out to at least 87.25 from what I was told. I'm going to me making over 300+whp k24/k20 turbo setup under low boost for a some what of a daily car. I was told it would be pushing it if I was going to bore the stock k24a4 sleeves to 87.5mm with forced induction . Is it safe enough to do because I could not really locate a correct answer to my question after searching online. The other thing I'm thinking of doing is just picking up new TSX over sized 87.25mm pistons and new rods and calling it a day. CP can't make me the 87.25 pistons and not sure Wiseco can I'm waiting to hear back from them but I'm worried going 87.5mm with shelf piston is pushing unless I'm wrong.
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Thanks for the helpful info guys it reall helps. Before reading this I placed my order for Wiseco 10:2.1cr pistons and Blueprint Racing H-Beam Rods and headstud kit along with upgraded wrist pins. Do you think it's a must for me to do the type-s oil pump swap? I was just going to keep the k24 pump and pan. I'll look in to new valve seals also. The car will be NA for the first 1000 miles or so I would say before I go turbo. I don't plan on pushing 15psi but having the option always helps thanks for the tips everyone. I'll hopefully have tempest racing do the tuning local or Innovative MotorWorks.
I may just do the type s oil pump now then :D. I don't think I will have all the parts on hand for the turbo setup but if I do I may listen to what you said and do everything at one time. I just thought it would be safer to break in the motor NA.
Good points made thanks man.:up:
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