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Hey guys,

I know this is a K series based site, but I have them on Honda Tech, and I might as well put them on here because I'm looking for K parts as partial or complete trades. Here's what I'm looking for.

K20A2 Engine Harness with charge harness
K20 Shifter
EP3 Shift Cables I think since I'm using an EP3 tranny
Radiator Hoses
K20A2 Throttle Body
RBC Uncut Intake
RBC Throttle Body Adapter
RSX Base Axles
K20 Flywheel

I have a set of slightly used 81.00mm Wiseco 8.6:1 pistons. These were ran for no more than 500 miles. As you can see, on the underside of one piston, theres are a few small dings in the bottom. Only that one has the small knicks, the others are perfect. One of the oil squirters broke. Will come with rings, wrist pins, and locks.


I also have barely used Crower steel billet GSR rods as well. These also only have no more than 500 miles on them. They still have the original hone marks on the journals and are in perfect condition. Here's what they go for.


Or I'm willing to sell both for $800.

You can text me with any questions you may have at 719-238-6833.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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