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(7) 2004 CRV K24A1 Complete Longblocks

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I am selling 7 CRV K24A1 longblocks, These are almost new motors with hardly any miles. They are made in Japan.

Anywhere in the USA, shipped for $1200 (for each of course)

Motors come without starter, alternator, a/c. Just basic longlblock.

PM with questions or email me at [email protected].
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I cannot get you an A2 head. Compression is 9.6:1

here are the complete CRV specs
the heads from the crv and types are different and will not support the same valvetrain. The head can be ported and can make power without VTEC but we are talking about experimental motors... The CRV head will only accept one lobe cams.

The reason why I think this is a good deal is because a honda block and crank goes for $1100... then if you decide to built it with pistons, and rods you still have to buy all the little stuff that make up the longblock, including sensors, gears, tensioners, covers, chain, bolts, pulleys... etc... That extra stuff comes out to be another $1000+.. Believe me I know because I priced them before for built motors that needed them. On top of that the CRV can be used with a stock type s head and can accept a type s oil pump easier that the ther k24a blocks...
From honda for a CR-V

part #10002-PPA-A03

retail is 3532.65 and you can get it at $2600 + shipping so really allmost $3000

So basically, I am selling the same thing for $1250 + head
lol, [email protected] (3rd time posting it on this thread)
It is basically a drop in situation. Everything you need in eirther on the CRV or the k20a3. Some people retain the k20a3 manifold and that's about it.. The rest is CRV with the ep3 harness. There are some details I forget right now, but nothing major.
tarzan said:
What kind of power to be gained on a ep with the jrsc race version? Without any internal changes
Hasport has done the JRSC on a stock k24a to a lot of their cars like the CRX that was the magazines lately. I am not sure of the power... Different dynos vary buty I have seen around 250+
The accord, element and CRV motors have hardly any differences.

The only advantage of the CRV is that a stock type s head will work on top.. The other motors, needs different pistons because the valves touch the pistons

The TSX motor has already a type s style head so it doesn't need the type s head.
kornsined said:
i wanna know too.
Yes, everything you need is on the k20a3. Alternator, starter will work along with intake etc...
NEW PRICE $1200 shipped
I have 5 left. One of the people that bought one on this thread, asked for their money back before I shipped it because their dog had to go to the vet so I felt bad for him and refunded him the money.

No you can pick it up from a station close to you.

Click this link and the state for locations close to you
Do I get a deal if I buy more than one?
Not really.. They are priced low already. The motors only have a few miles on them. I mean.. if you want to make an offer, go ahead and I will see if I can do it.

If you have the skills to put a type s head on that motor, that is a good buy.
In my opinion this is a good deal. When you buy a bare block you need a lot of $$ in parts and sensors to make a motor complete.
The cranks are as strong.. We made 292 hp on the same crank.(not same motor, same part number crank) The coolant hole is for TSX heads... This is a CRV motor, so no need to worry about that.
The passenger mount is on this motor already since it is a CRV.

The type s ecu would work to get it started but you would need K pro or AEM to get it running right.

NO ECU comes with the motor.

I don;t think you need anything your K series car doesn;t have. I assume you have a rsx
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