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6 speed vs 5 speed

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I'm current running NPR3 (civic type r) tranny on my k24 and gears are very short. I already know this tranny will not accommodate my new drag cartel 2.2cams too well. Im planning to sell it so I can either get a 5 speed rsx base or ep3 tranny. Im leaning towards the rsx base tranny currently but would like to hear your inputs. Or should I just get a type s 6 speed tranny? Car will be daily driver and see the drag strip once or twice a year. No road racing here.
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that's why Im leaning towards rsx base tranny. Im worried that with only cams that I wont make enough power for 5 speed tranny.
I was under the impression that I was not able to swap out JDM components with US parts: final drive. If I can then I will just purchase type s final drive.
thanks a bunch man
do you have ep3 or rsx base tranny?
thank guys
if I change to a 4.4, do I need the type s counter shaft or just the final drive gear?

why not try a 4.4 final drive instead?
i'll stick with the civic type r and run 24.5 slicks :) Thanks
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