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5th gen Civic k24/20 swap and its first autox experience

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Thought I would just toss this in to keep you guys up to date on how the car handles since the swap.

Actually for me it was a borrowed car the real owner is 5thgenjon.

Some basics about the car. k24/20 aem ems, custom header, intake blah blah blah. Kyb agx, matrix coilovers (yes a k swap with matrix springs...they rock.) Generic upper and lower strut bars in rear and a generic bar up top in front. Victoracers. Thats about it I think. Oh yeah and traction bars.

Anyways the car is a flat out a Hondzilla or something.

I was hoping just for a respectable run as my race season has consisted of racing other peoples cars lately while mine is in the shop for a k-swap. And as you might know going from a borrowed 97 Mustang Cobra to a borrowed k civic is pretty interesting.

ANYWAYS...with that out of the way the car handled like a cat on carpet. Lower rpms were no problem with this asphalt ripping beast. The only thing you had to compensate for was never pushing hard on the go pedal...this would just make the tires spin. No Im not talking about 5+thousand rpm in second more like 3000 rpm in third : )

I ran a 93 Civic Si with a simular suspension (G.C. coilovers and p/s) with a b18c-r last season and was able to place first (Truth is I have no idea how to drive) in my class for the year. So I feel familar with the balance of these cars and the K-swap balance is Sweet.

Coming into a sweeper you carry higher entry speeds and exiting is incredible the thing will just yank you out of the corners. Keeping a constant feather like pressure on the gas pedal is a must however, this beast will flat out spin the tires if your not really careful.

Slaloms? Forget about it! This is were I really felt the balance of the car come into play. With the tail end of the car whipping around behind me the car never once felt out of place. Our next event is at a local Drag strip and its main feature is about a half mile of slaloms :D from 60 to 100 feet apart in three sections. I cannot wait for that.

The results at the end of the day were pretty pleasant. I ran fast time of day and that was with a gnarly mis-shift from first to second. As a matter of fact on one of my other runs I locked up the tires in a Chicago box came to a complete stop had to crank the tires hard to get out and was only off FTD by maybe a second!

I gotta give props were there due and the owner of the car (John) ran second FTD and this was his first time running the new swap. Good job John!

Oh and I cant forget to say thanks to Justin for the use of his Cobra Mustang even though by doing so could have cost him his first place overall standing.

BTW sorry this write up might seem a bit chopped up but the first time I wrote it out and hit submit the freaking thing logged me out.
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