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5spd gearbox in Europe with base RSX ratios?

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Does anyone know which if any European Honda's come with ratios the same as the base RSX W25M gearbox?

1st 3.266
2nd 1.88
3rd 1.212
4th 0.921
5th 0.738
REV 3.589
FD 4.389

I'm also interested in finding out if the CL9 Accord has the same 6th gear as the US TSX ASU5 gearbox which is 0.659.

Any help with what gearbox codes & cars I need to search for is more than welcome!

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I have a stock EP3 NPQ3 box for now that I may try & fit an OEM B series LSD into but I want to build up a hybrid box based around some of the W2M5 ratio's with a straight cut 1-2 gear etc :)

What I need to know is I theres a euro 5spd that comes with the same ratios as above.

1-2 seem to be the weakest parts so I hope I'll get away with just buying them.

I have ek3 rear trailing arms/drums now for the abs sensor setup so I can install the Hondata traction control once I have the money after the cars running :)

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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