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3rd gear grind

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My 3rd gear just started to grind in my 8th gen civic SI. I already adjusted my clutch pedal and it helped a bit but issue is still there. Would changing 3rd gear Syncro be my one and only solution?

Just an fyi this is my very first "build" ever, not my first Honda but never actually try to build one up so hints, tips, tricks are welcomed!
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Just doing it simple, if it were me I would change the 3rd gear syncro, 3rd gear, slave cylinder, and clutch while you are at it.

Not doing it simple, I would change every syncro while the transmission is a part. I would also purchase a jdm itr lightweight flywheel while they are still available.
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I'm already hunting the junkyard for a 00 em1 slave cylinder but ok cool glad you mentioned changing clutch and flywheel before I started the tear down!
the lighter flywheel make a very noticeable difference. i believe of all the Kseries platforms the K20a type R flywheel is the only one that light. It weights 10.4lbs and is chromoly.
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