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okay can anyone find a 3inch muffler that is not a canister style muffler?

I am really looking for a Apexi World Sport type of muffler with a 3 inch inlet.

Apexi stopped production of this type of muffler (I was told through a dealer).

I contacted HyTech about possibly making one but they are not able to accomidate here but they did say their 2 1/2 inch would not loose to much power either.

Any help is much appreciated. All I am looking for is a muffler that is not going to be the death of my ears.

I found that Vibrant makes one but wanted to look at different options.

thanks in advance for all the help,

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What is the difference. Just wondering.
Perforated is like a Basketball jersey on the inside of the muffler, louvered is like a cheese grater. I will try to find pics, but the perforated will flow better because it is not only less turbulent, but the louvers cut into the air stream.

Here is a louver


I will look for more examples, those are small pics.

Here we go!
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