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We are happy to introduce to you a new K24 budget stroker short block. These short blocks are non sleeved. They are at 87.5mm bore with a 102mm crank and custom rod and pistons. It ends up as a 2.45 liter short block. Even though we aren't sleeving the block, the same attention to detail goes into every one of these short blocks. Parts include:
- modified Honda K24 crank (102mm)
- Custom Wiseco 87.5mm bore, 13.0:1 compression pistons
- Custom Saenz rods. (Top of the line rods)
- ACL Race bearings w/ Full-Grove in Mains.
- Finish cylinder hone to piston spec.
- Align hone main journals.
- Hot tanked.
- Fully blueprinter
- Assembled short block.

All this for just 2999.00 while supplies last. Prices are based off of customer supplying us with a core block and crank. It's a killer price for a 2.45 liter stroker short block from ERL. Give us a call today to order one.

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these guys are top notch builders my last engine came so perfect package specs sheet and quality still ticking after so much wooping boosted k20
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