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This is for a 2004 TSX motor. Only 1-5 miles, from a TSX that never made it to the dealership.


I had a groupbuy going and sold 13 of those motors. Now I don;t need to sell a bunch all at once. If you pay in the morning they get shipped the same day.

This is a great deal for anyone that wants to start a K series project. You can use a 5 speed or 6 speed tranny. You will also need rsx type s harness fo the engine and some other things like welding a water port, etc... So it is not
a bolt on affair unless you use the type s or type r head. The tsx head is basically the same other than that water port.

The tsx motor is the only k24a with oil squirters at the buttom of the block.

I jumped on the tsx deal because people are paying $3500 for k20a R longblocks and I feel that for both turbo and all motor, 2.4 L is better.

For these I am looking to get $2000 shipped for each.If you a friend want one, let me know and you can save $150 in shipping charges if they ship together.

Thanks, please email me at [email protected] or PM me. Like I said paypal,wire transfer, cashier's check or personal check is fine. for some pics

Thanks Nikos

PS There are enough of these left

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baodown said:
still for sale

I have one if u really want it 30% off dealer price :p
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