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This is my old 2002 RSX-S that I sold to a friend well over a year ago. He lost control 2 weeks ago and slid into the side of a building. I have the car now and will be parting it out accordingly. I am in southern Louisiana in between Houston and New Orleans on I-10.

As or RIGHT NOW, I will only be pulling off a few things. So do not message me asking me for little pieces of the interior or motor, they will be staying together for the time being.

A couple people have shown interest in buying out the entire interior and the entire swap. If you are interested in the entire swap or interior, PM me with your offer and any questions you have. If you want to travel here and part out the motor or interior yourself, I will definitely sell it for much cheaper so that it wont take up my time to do this.

The motor has 102k on it, the Type-R tranny has around 55k on it. Clutch was just replaced 2000 miles ago with the Excedy oem replacement if Im not mistaken with a Fidanza flywheel. Before I took out the alarm system, I cranked it for 2 seconds to see if it still came on, and it did.

The interior is in great shape with the exception of the drivers steering wheel airbag and the dash airbag deployed. The center console cracked and is no good. The seats are 06 seats that I put in right before I sold the car.

The powergetter+hiflow cat+JR race header+progress rear sway have been spoken for.

Because my time is very limited right now, this is what I can pull off for the time being:
1 drivers side Authentic JDM ITR headlight
1 XenonDepot ballast with bulb
1 drivers side front fender
Both doors are in good shape with the exception of some door dings
1 RoJa PU front lip that is scratched badly
2 oem rear tail lights

I would prefer not to have to ship anything big, but if I do, itll probably be with ForwardAir or SAIA. Im not looking to make a fortune on any of this and will consider all reasonable offers. Keep an eye on this post for any changes and updates.

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