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2002 : $8000 Cheap! S2000 141k

What: STOCK 2002 Honda S2000 in silver, 141K on the clock.
Where: Conyers, GA - east of Atlanta
How much: Asking $8,000.
Why: Buying drumset, need something bigger.

Trade: I will not supply money on my side. If you're out of state, I will need at least $300, maybe more. In state requires $50. I will trade for RSX-S or 02-05 Civic Si. I prefer to trade. Blue is my least preferred color. I will drive at max 4 hours. Higher mileage is fine of course.

-dents on drivers quarter panel. Cannot be replaced, will require bondo and repaint of area.
-Top should be replaced soon. It is patched against a knife tear. It will hold up, but you should get a new top when summer comes.
- Some guy keyed me. I think it will buff out though.
-1 key and 1 keyless fob.
- NEW windshield ($300) installed at 138,000.
- New battery.
- I serviced it at 138,500 miles with oil, filter, differential, and MTF


Alright. I've had this baby for only a few months. I love her despite her ugly scar. She's fast, she's smooth. Since she isn't worth as much as I'd like her to, I know the trades to expect. I would prefer a stock RSX-S, without transmission issues. I do not want your 3rd gear wall, or 2nd gear grind. If it happens once every two weeks, I can live with it, but absolutely no grinding! Mine does not have any grinding issues. It will however produce a soft clunk but that is just the nature of the S2000.

The RSX-S does not compare with S2000 at all in terms of fun, power, or handling. No body lean, very neutral weight, and just that extra 40hp gives it a more fun factor. The engine is inches from your feet, and you can definitely feel it. To me, the S2000 is just raw mechanical fun, while the RSX is refined and practical. However, I will need to transport my future drumset, and I'd like an RSX-S again.

I'm pretty specific about what I want. Car runs great, all stock. Clean title. Doesn't burn oil. Currently needs an alignment though. No manual. I'm in no hurry to sell, so please, no lowballers. Trades are welcomed if I like what you have! :)



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if i had the cash id come pic this up right now!! this is exactly what im looking for!

hopefully you still have it in about a month when i have the money
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