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I did this swap like last winter/summer I need the money and it runs fine with a high idle. I've looked at every way to get the idle down but I can't. I just replaced the alternator this month. here is a list of all the things that i have done to it.

Im asking $7000 may be flexible located in Central WI will bring the car to Milwaukee for easier pick up.

this would be a good start for someone who wants basically drop a k20a2 into it everything is there i just dont have time/money to do the rest of it I ordered the wrong motor.

Shifter Mounting Kit + Buddy Club DC5 Shifter Box Combo-Price: $250
RBC CAI System With Breather Connection Kit-Price: $185

EKK2 Engine Mounts-$649

Hybrid Racing--
HR Conversion Harness -$349
HR Fuel Lines-$235


2002 JDM K20a Base <51k miles-2500$
Performance Radiator-350$

Pioneer 12in-110$

Pioneer 800watt-160$

JVC Head Unit-250$

One-of-a-Kind Leather Seats-900$ (pics included)

Carbon Fiber Hood-600$

Halo Headlights-150$

Front Bumber-550$

Its got a lot done to it, and it comes with a set of steelies with good winter tires I have a set of 17in rims with good street tires for an extra 100$

My names Tristan call or text me whenever 920-359-1338

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Dude everything is done on it, its a running car honestly like to have an actuall k20a2 swap its a 3 hour job if you know what your doing. everythings there ready to go all you need is the A2 and some time. Which i dont have and is why im selling it.
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