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Have you been thinking of k swapping a Civic but don’t know where to start? Well I have the perfect opportunity for you! I will be updating post as I fix minor things on the car. Doing my best to make it as close to daily driving as possible whenever I have the time to work on it.

To start off, its been a fun project nonetheless. I’ve just lost interest in it. I have personal things I’d like to focus on. And having this car just isn’t the right thing I need. I’ve went through a lot with it since I’ve owned it back in February of 2017. If you want information on when it was a d series, I can tell you about it. But for how it is now. it’s a 2000 Honda Civic Ex. IT DOES HAVE A REBUILT TITLE. Has not and does not affect the driving of the car. I believe it had front end damage prior to me owning it. When I got the car it was an automatic with a blown up d16y8. I swapped it to a manual and went through a couple of d series and boost. I got tired of that and went k swap. Was gutted and now all interior (minus some little pieces that I will get in) (HEAT IS WORKING AGAIN AND BOY IS IT HOT!!!) The body itself is in really good condition. Minor issues. I do have a brand new bumper, fenders, and hood to go with it. They will need painted. Decided it was best to not put on until they were painted. Lowered on Yonaka coil overs and Avid (I believe) wheels.

*The swap is a k20a2 with a matching 6 speed manual transmission out of a 2002 Acura RSX. I bought all good stuff to do swap. Hybrid racing parts, ktuned parts, and other name brands. I have receipts for everything. I have well over $6,000 in this. But I have more important things I need to focus on.

** I have hybrid racing intake to put on. But doesn’t quite fit from how radiator is placed...
Some wiring needs cleaned up and moved. But it is not affecting car how it is.**

Brakes need bled because I did rear disc swap and car broke down (d series at that time) before it was fully done. Still stops. Just not as good as they should be. Car does grind slightly going into gear. Only been doing it in 3rd and 4th at lower rpms now. But clutch pedal may need adjusted still. I fixed it and it helped a lot. But still a little off... The shift cables are not mounted properly either id say. They go from the shifter to the transmission without the bracket holding in place. I think when you shift, the cable assembly just moves with it so it’s not getting a solid shift. I firmly believe that’s the problem..

Car is on e85. I have 1000cc injectors in it. I ran fuel line and everything to be able to support it. Can easily go back to pump gas if you want. Just need to load a different tune. That being said CAR WILL NEED A PROPER TUNE. It’s a basemap k20 tune changed to e85. It runs and drives. Just no power like it should be. A good tune will fix that. I plan on getting it done if car doesn’t sell.

Full custom exhaust. Megan Racing header, vibrant resonator, and SR•S muffler as of 9/2719.

All in all you can drive it if you want. Just had some minor issues that need fixed before it’s 100%. Nothing a weekend and a 12 pack of beer won’t take care of.

There’s a lot of information I’m missing and can get receipts and more info to whoever is serious about it. Thanks for reading the lengthy post.

Serious inquires only please. Really looking for $5,000. I understand the differences with the car and engine. But It will be hard to do the swap yourself and get a shell for this price. I’m starting to get negotiable on price because really want to sell it. May be interested in other trades. Don’t be afraid to offer. Cash is definitely king. Located in Dillsboro which is 15 minutes from Lawrenceburg Indiana.








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