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Hey there! Having some different financial views coming to light, and i need to sell my R =[
Shes a 98 Championship White Acura Integra Type R #544 (Vin provided to serious buyers only)
Has ~95k km on the chassis (pretty low somewhere in the 56k range!) and ~3k on built motor.

Motor is an LS-Vtec setup, which is one of the few downfalls... Long story short... First owner was a dumbass kid who bought the car, reved the piss outta it and blew the original c5 =/ I bought it from the second owner who had purchased it as a shell for 9,000 from the kid.
The car runs great, hasnt given me any problems (although owner before me DID have his cam seals in wrong... fixed) and is within the 190-205hp range. Been asked by a lot of people why I havnt just sold or traded the LS-V setup for a c5 and sell it for more money, reason is? Not sure... lol. Lazy maybe? So now I'm selling it, the next owner can part the motor and swap it back to the way that it was ment to be.
Your not spending upwards of 13K for one, and after a c5 swap you could flip it! I've been offered numerous trades, including a R33 GTS-T (registered as a 240 or I would have), and countless hatches, coupes, tegs and rex's.. Really looking for cash, but if YOU just so happen to throw me a trade that I cant resist... I might budge.
Also, I am not frequently on this forum, I work 30+ hours a week and do not have time to spend hours browsing the forums. Best way to get ahold of me is by phone, second best is email and then here... Both are listed below.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

Phone: (775) 220-6905 (calls or text)
E-mail: [email protected]

Now onto the car!

B16b type r head
-fully port and polished
-bronze valve guides
-Type r cams
-skunk 2 intake mani w/ ported inlet and runners
-68mm Billet throttle body
-STR cam gears
-Port Flow springs and retainers
-Type r valve cover

96 B18b1 block
-Sleeved by rs machine open deck 84.5 mm 2.0
-Cp pistons 10.3 compression
-Manley turbo tuff rods
-acl race bearings
-Micro polished crank
-Balanced and blue printed
-Type r oil pump
-Type r water pump

Ls crank pulley
-Golden eagle ls vtec kit
-Gsr timing belt
-Type r alternator
-Ls distributor modified for vtec head
-Gsr wire harness modified for type r
-Headers Danny Tran racing (DTR) (things were $1800!)

-Type r tranny 4.4 final drive with limited slip diff (lsd)

Some other mods off the top of my head include:
-Apexi N1 full exhaust system
-p28 ecu chipped by lawrence at DSR
-Apexi V-AFC

And as far as suspension and wheels goes:
-Koni Yellow fully adjustable shocks
-Skunk2 coilovers
-Stock Championship White ITR Wheels

Body overall is very clean for a 11 year old car, interior is super clean as well. Tranny shifts great, no grinds. Motor had "A" leak, but that has been fixed (tweaked cam seals as stated). Doesnt burn oil, and gets really good gas mileage (30+mpg), as long as you keep it out of vtec ;P
Front end does have a few chips from regular driving and is a different shade of white and could use a respray (looks like previous owners work) know a buddy, but I'll have to get a quote from him (++cash from you). There is a "dint" on the passenger fender (dent doctor? $70 maybe). Other than that the body is really nice.

And for pics
ALSO! First two are with suspension "lowered".. not dropped, while the rest are with the suspension raised ALL THE WAY UP. Speed bumps here dont work for lower cars.. :thumbs_down:


Now for the picture of the dint on the fender... Really really hard to capture in film...
took about 20 shots before i could get this, really not that bad, and like I said, dent doctor :)


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Top two pictures are of car lowered, no slammed, but dropped pretty good..
Other pictures are with the suspension raised ALL the way up. Speed bumps here dont work for lower cars.. :down:


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bump nice R

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Bump cuz the guy with the loan fell through..

Throw me offers, would even be interested in a hatch plus cash!

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