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Hello i have a 1995 honda Civic and i cannot get my a/c compressor to kick on , only by jumping it

JDM k24a with NO vtec pressure switch/ so its blocked off and my connector is hanging.

Everytime i turn the a/c button on the fans come on, but the compressor does not kick on
it is wired just like hybrid racing's guide, BUT it ONly kicks on when i add power to the compressor.

ive disabled multiplexer, vtec pressure switch, and checked USE VTP AS AC SWITCH.

Ive connected A15 BLK/RED on the (STOCK ECU CONN) to E18 (MINES IS EMPTY SLOT)on the (RSX ECU CONNECTOR) using the supplied yellow wire.

recharged the system with 19 ounces of Freon , brand new compressor came preloaded with 3 ounces of pag

Ive Connected B5 BLU/RED wire on the (STOCK ECU CONN) to B9 a BLU/BLK (VTPSW) wire on the (RSX ECU CONNECTOR).


A/C compressor still not kicking on, only when i manully apply power to the compressor.

thanks any help is appreciated !!

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you would have to follow the path of the AC signal in the car’s and conversion loom schematics. it is a simple serial connection of all the devices that can disconnect the compressor.
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