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07 TSX head, PPA VTEC killer Skunk 2, Z1 cams

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CP Pistons, Supertech/BC Valvetrain

I have for sale a few items:

1.) Vtec Killer CRV head with Skunk 2 Cams. $old

2.) 2007 TSX head with stock }+1mm oversized valves. has all hardware, but no cams. $ sold

3.) 2006 RSX type s (k20Z1) cams with 50* VTC RBC gears. $old

4.) K20a2 Crankshaft. very very clean. No scars on journals. never polished. $sold

5.) BNIB CP pistons. 10.2:1 in K24. 9.0:1 in K20. 88mm bore. comes complete with rings, pistons, pins, and locks. Bought these on here and never used them. $375 shipped.

6.) Used Brian Crower Dual valvesprings, Brian crower Titanium retainers, Supertech dual valve springs seats. Bought them on here and never used them. $old shipped OBO

7.) Brand new Innovative steel engine mounts. 60A bushings. $old

8.) 2004 Honda civic SI ECU. PNF 5 speed $150 shipped

9.) 2004 honda civic SI engine wiring harness $150 shipped

10.) 2004 civic SI charge harness $65 shipped

11.) K20A3 OEM Valve cover $50 plus shipping

12.) 3" Bosch 680cc fuel injectors $175 shipped
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bump. would love to make some space in my garage.
pm me best price on crank thanks
Pm has been sent sir.
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