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ok I put a 2006 rsx type-s engine wire harness the one that connects to the lights the radiator fan switch the fuse box etc. on my 2002 rsx type s.. now my car wont start any ideas why. its not my ground cables i checked those already. all the plugs seem to be in the right spot. I have a hondata ecu not the stock. when i turn the key it sounds like it wants to start but either some kind of security thing is stopping it or the fuel pump is not getting in gas to it which is funny cause everything was working fine b4 this damn harness.. PLEASE HELP THIS IS A NIGHT MARE!!!!!!! PLS DONT LEAVE SMART ASS DUMB REMARKS ITS JUST A SIMPLE QUESTION. THANKS AND GOD SPEED!
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Specifically for the fuel pump it looks like there is an auxiliary under-dash fuse box with the '05-'06. It only has two fuses and a relay inside. I'm not sure if it's part of the regular under-dash refuse box or not, service manual isn't telling me where it is. In the below schematic *2 means '02-'04 and *3 is for '05-'06.

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