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Buyer backed out, screwed me over so now I have to lowball myself.

The car has a reconstructed title. If this bothers you in anyway, feel free to leave this thread. This is a very nice car, nicer than some that haven't been wrecked. Feel free to come look and drive it. This is an extremely good deal on a very nice car... only 38k miles!

Keep all the drama and bullshit out of this thread... :D


(you can see the dent in the video)

General info:
Year: 2006
Make: Acura
Model: RSX Type S
VIN: JH4DC53086S021014
Ext color: Nighthawk Black Pearl (NBP B-92P)
Int color: Ebony(black) leather
Trans: 6 speed manual
Mileage: 38,xxx (car is driven daily, the miles will change)
Warranty: None
Title: Reconstructed
Location: 70433 to 70809

KBB Value Even in poor condition, my asking price is much lower. (because of the title)

Standard options:
Power windows
Power locks
Power steering
Air conditioning
Type S floor mats
Moon roof
Bose 6 CD changer

Added options:
Mirror defrosters
Rear cargo mat

De-badged exterior
Digital Volt 6000k HID low beams
Type R badges
JDM DC5 side markers with harness
Brand new Bosch wiper blades
Rainbow prism bassboat flaked valve cover
JDM spark plug cover
JDM dipstick
TEIN Basic Coilovers
Revo Short shifter box (lowered one inch)
S2000 CR shift knob
AEM V2 Intake
DC Sports short header
Buddy Club Spec III cat-back
Lime Green Work CR KAI Replicas 17x9 +30
Authentic Work Stickers (take them off if you want, I don't care)
Authentic Work valvestems
Khumo SPT 225/45/17
Project Kics Neo Chrono extended lugs

The car is in fantastic shape, a perfect daily driver. It gets consistently 26-30mpg.

Here are some recent pictures:

With rims:

Engine bay:


Driverside door jam stickers:

Florida issued sticker:

Jam sticker

Jam VIN:


Rear bumper VIN

Rear hatch VIN:


Passenger side jam:[/IMG


Passenger side door


Rear with cargo mat:




Under hood:

** I have the floor mats, they aren't in the car as I was cleaning them.*

The car has a rebuilt title. It was involved in a frontal impact when it had 9,000 miles. It was repaired using all brand new OEM parts, and given a certified rebuilt title by the state of Florida. I purchased the car with 9,990 miles back in 2007. It has served as my daily, and I have driven it all over the country.
I am very very good friends with guys that run one of the best collision centers around and they have all inspected the car. It had no frame damage. The front cap was replaced along with the AC condenser.

Everything functions 100%. I am very picky about my cars and this one is no different from the others I have built. I clean the car weekly. It gets a complete service every 3000 miles. I've changed the oil and trans fluid in this thing literally 12 times since I've owned it. I can provide any picture, just request them. The car has the original VIN stickers on all of the panels except fenders and bumper.

Run the carfax report. I am the 3rd owner, the car was bought from an auto auction in Florida.

-It has no inner fenders

-The car was hit in a parking lot, and the dent stretches from right in front of the passenger side quarter panel. The estimate I received to totally fix the dent was $600. It's not as bad as it looks in the pictures... You can see it in the video.

-The front bumper has rock chips and scratches from all of the highway.. 25,000 miles of the mileage has been hwy.

Other than that, the car is in wonderful shape. It was professionally buffed and detailed a few weeks ago.


I will deliver the car within 100 miles of my ZIP for free. Anything other than that, will be up to the buyers digression.

Shipping will be the responsibility of the buyer. My address is available for shipping arrangements.

Please have all finances in order before sale, and a $500 refundable deposit is required for all transactions. I am Paypal verified.

David C
[email protected]
985-778-8268 (text only, ask questions and get answers ASAP.)

Thanks for looking.





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I have taken all of the body panels off and checked the front frame.

The ONLY part that looked affected was the lower part of the radiator support and where the passenger side fender bolts. The tabs appear to be welded back on. It has a new AC condenser. The radiator has never been out...

The windshield has been replaced, so I suspect the owner hit something down low and something fell on the hood and windshield.
There are no tape lines anywhere (all of the VIN stickers haven't been messed with) and the Carfax shows NO airbag deployment.

Why the car was considered "salvaged" at one point is still a mystery to me and to the body guys that have inspected the car.

It was also certified in the state of Florida. That means the car was repaired using all OEM components by a certified shop. Hence the sticker in the door jam.

Also note, the car has a Reconstructed title. The car is eligible for full coverage insurance, whereas "salvaged" title cars are not. I am currently insured through State Farm with no problems.

It looks great in the pictures... and I'm being serious when I say it is a very nice car. I love it to death, and out of all of the cars I have owned in the past 5 years it is hands down the nicest, most comfortable, most reliable car.

So, with that... please feel free to inquire about this car. If I could rent a billboard on the hwy and use it as a FOR SALE sign I would, thats how fast I need to sell this. I have come across a one time change to own a dream car and I simply cannot pass it up. This car must go at all cost.

I bought this car in December of 2007 with 9,9xx miles out of Miami, FL. It was nearly a brand new... still smelled like a new car.

Please, and I must stress... this is NOT a hillbilly-rebuild lemon. This is just as nice, if not NICER than most of the RSXs you see in this price range.

Sure it does have a title issue... but you don't drive a title. You drive the car and it's just as good as a clean titled car... but at a much more affordable price.

Please get with me if anyone has any questions about this. I'm ready to make a deal.

Thanks for looking,

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