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05 Seat Install in 02 - More than plug and play

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I recently installed a set of 05-06 leather seats in my 02. I assumed they would be a direct swap, plug and play. After driving around with the SRS light on for about a month I decided to reset the SRS light but had no luck. I did some research online and found a couple things need to be done in order for the seats to be compatible. Here is my HOW TO for those doing the swap.

1. Remove Passenger seat with the 4 14mm bolts. Unplug all connectors underneath.
2. Unzip the seat cover on the passenger side.

3. Pull back the seat cover on the side to access the OPDS Unit Cover.

4. Remove Cover by unsnapping it.

5. Unplug the connectors. Unscrew the two phillips screws securing the unit and remove the OPDS Unit.

6. Replace the 05-06 OPDS Unit with your 02-04 Unit. Install screws and connectors. Zip your seat cover.

1. Remove the 14mm bolt from the seatbelt Autotensioner.

2. Unplug connectors under seat and remove unit.

3. After it has been removed, replace with your 02-04 unit.

1. Jump your SRS Plug with a wire or paperclip. Yellow plug on fusebox.
2. Turn key to II, SRS Light will disappear.
3. Remove Wire, SRS Light Reappears, Plug Wire back in. Light Will disappear.
4. When SRS Light blinks twice, you are done.
5. Turn key to position 0, plug in SRS plug.

Whatever car you are installing seats in, you will need the original OPDS and Seatbelt Tensioner. Good luck, hope this helps.
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Thank you for posting this!

I have a question if you still have access to this or anyone else. I have a 2005 honda CR-V EX manual. I picked up some automatic seats with the arm rests from a salvaged cr-v either 05 or 06 and did a swap I thought was going to be plug and play. 🤦🏻‍♂️. There were no deployed airbags.

Does the driver side tensioner need to be changed out as well? I was getting codes 85 and 81 before doing any of this. After swapping the original OPDS, only code 81 was showing. I swapped the passenger tensioner and I am still showing code 81 with the SRS light still on.

Thanks in advance for any input!
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