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05 ep3 oil light is on at idle

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I have 195k miles on my ep3. I did a pull from 1st gear all the way to maxing out 4th gear and after that my oil light came on when it would idle at 900-1000. It’s a 5 speed btw. When the car idles the light is on but when I hit the gas going over 1000rpm it disappears. Motor isn’t making any weird noises. I don’t have a oil pressure gauge either. i did a oil flush and the oil light still came on. I was running 5w-20 but I changed it to 5w-30. I was getting p2646 a couple weeks ago but I fixed it. I changed the vtec solenoid, vtc filter, and the oil pressure sensor. I bought the oil pressure sensor from auto zone, could that be the problem? Or what else could it be? I have a type s oil pump, is that a direct fit onto the k20a3?
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Though I doubt it's the problem, you could test the wire's resistance from oil pressure switch to the gauge cluster connector. An oil pressure gauge set is not too expensive from HF.
I'd be willing to bet your oil pressure switch is functioning properly.
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if the oil level is OK, temps are in check and you still get that behaviour, then something is bleeding off the oil pressure.
At worst it could be a rod bearing on its way out. One of the first systems is loss of oil pressure at idle from the increased clearance.
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yesterday driving home from work the oil light came on even when I was hitting the gas. Now when the engine is fully warmed up it has the oil light on even when it’s driving it’s on now. Hopefully it’s not that but I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s 5k away from 200k. Engine still is running great and making power
if the oil level is OK, then an oil pressure gauge will tell you more, .i.e. if it is really low.
If you need to drive it, consider running a 50wt oil and don't push the engine load- and rpm-wise.
If the light is off with the 50wt oil, e.g. a 20W50, then you are internally losing pressure.
Ok I’ll get a oil gauge tester tmmr, I’ll search up videos on how to do that because I have no idea how to test the pressure. I’m really hoping it’s the oil switch because when I was installing it I didn’t have the right socket so I had to use pliers and my dad was helping. If I remember correctly he started to grip the weaker side of it and maybe that could’ve messed it up. When I was replacing my vtec solenoid I didn’t put on the heat shield for it. I have Dc headers with no heat shield for the headers either. Is it bad to not have the heat shield on for the vtec solenoid?
not a good idea as the plugs and internals of the sensor are made from plastics.
Figured after all the researched after I did it. I got my oil pressure reader. What pressure should I see when the car is fully warmed up at idle? Should I rev it to 3k also to see what pressure I’m getting? I’m running 5w-30.
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