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I have found myself a k20a2 from an Acura RSX and in trying to swap the head onto my k24a1 block. Anyone have any advice/comments on how to go about doing this. What will I need to upgrade.
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what year the 02 04 k20a2 or 05 05 k20z1 engine ?

get bunch of ziplock bags, sharpe remove bolts and label, label label as they come off. later write the pn's on them.

your fine. get ARP head studs for the k20 head, check pn's. set at 80lb-flb. 1st follow the OEM manual which will state set studs at 33lb-flb done in three steps. Then do THREE 90 degree turns. that will equal 80lb-flbs. So that is a three step on ARP studs done in three steps which will take you to 80lb-flbs. use the lube that comes will the ARP head studs.

If you have to remove the oem head studs, do it in a pattern slowly to prevent warping of the parts. do this with any remove of any engine part, the heat hot thats why, even simple flange bolts will bend at the timing chain cover.

here is the link to the oem Honda k20a2 engine and the K24:

remove VC and timing chain cover on K24. stick the bolts into cardboard the same pattern as the cover. clean old grey sealant off the timing chain cover holes and the backside of cover. razorblade only if you are a professional, you will dig into the sealing surface if you are not a pro. you need a new crank seal at the timing cover.

put crank pulley back on. turn the crank pulley backwards a quarter turn. set pin in timing chain tensioner. remove chain.guides. zip tie all rockers each rocker in two spots. remove cam holders. pull cams/gears. now you can remove you rockers leave bolts in.

remove the head bolts in a pattern (i do the TQ pattern in the manual) slowly to prevent warping. check out the combustion chamber, underside of valves. remove plugs. check them out.

from here be clean. set the head on a blanket. clean the top of the pistons with alcohol. scotch brite pad gentle pick work. shake the top of the piston check out things. report to us this.

you have to decide if you are going to rebuild the k20a2 head valvetrain, clean the head, etc.

see how much exhaust build up there is in the exhaust port the first few inches of the port start. clean with 90% alcohol
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