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Well, this wont be much of a "build" thread since it is my DD. But Ill be cleaning it up and doing some simple bolt-ons.

Back story, I got the car in June of 2008. Bought it off a friends dad who does wreck rebuilds. Was told the car was a theft recovery so i assumed there wasn't much body damage done to it but it was finished when I first saw it and thought I had to have it. Car has Base wheels as a result. Picked up the car the night of my brother bachelor party :p

Anyway, I drove the car until October of 2009 and ended up rear ending another vehicle. That whole period I was just making payments on the car so I never had the chance to mod it other than Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts. Had the car at the track and managed to get a 15.06 and realized I had 2nd gear issues. The car does fine normally but at redline doing a 1-2 shift it will only grind until the RPM drops some, then every other gear is fine. Also had a small 2nd gear grind during the winter.

After I wrecked the car Insurance paid it off and I had enough left over to buy it back($1,700 IIRC). Plans were to either fix it in the future, or use it as a donor to swap into my EG shell.

Towards the end of last year(2011) I decided I wanted the RSX back on the road. So I made my parts list and started gathering prices of new parts and then made a thread for some of the more expensive items. Started collecting around Christmas when I ordered a C/F OEM hood. then came the flood of other parts.

Current Mod list:
Energy Suspension Motor Mount Inserts
Seibon OEM C/F hood
exLEDusa interior LED's
Club RSX Edition Injen CAI with hydroshield
Aerocatch Hood latches
H&R Sport Lowering Springs
K-Tuned Shifter cables w/ trans bracket
Buddy Club Short Shifter
Mishimoto Aluminum Radiator
window tint
P2R battery tie down
K-Tuned billet TPS
Honda Spark Plug cover
Skunk2 Shift knob
Civic Shorter Throttle Cable

Now for the pictures

On the way to the body shop May 12

Spyder got out of the shop on May 17th from getting backed into. Im not exactly a C/F fan but it was cheaper to buy a C/F hood than a new OEM hood and have it painted.

RSX came out of the shop June 12th

With my brothers car

2 of my cars together

I didnt take a picture of the stock bay, but some stuff was missing. This was after I put on the ClubRSX CAI, K-tuned TPS(OEM was busted in the wreck), Civic coil pack cover and P2R battery tie down

"Tucked" the Throttle and Cruise cables

Lowered on H&R Lowering Springs

Painted the Valve Cover

Aerocatch hood pin install

Cleaned up on the way down to a Tail of the Dragon meet with the Genesis Coupes

IA Summer '12 Zmax Charlotte, NC

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Guess I'm not the only one that sorta likes the base wheels better than the Type-S ones ;) Though I guess it probably wasn't intentional of you. If only they were 17s I'd probably trade for a set.
I kind of agree, I dont mind the look of them but I would still much rather have the 05-06 Type S wheels.

Update on the car, bought a Haltech ECU but have not installed it. Been chasing idling issues on the car so havnt messed with it much other than that.

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Since rebuilding the car I have discovered some title issues with it. I have been searching for a fix but it could end in the car being repossessed. It also keeps me from selling the car as any inspection to be titled in another state would surely fail.

The best route I can currently think of is to just part the car out and keep the drivetrain for my Civic. I dont have a whole lot in the car so technically it wont be much of a loss. My other option is to just wait till I wreck it again, with my record it could happen any time.

Originally paid 12k for car, wrecked it and insurance totaled it out and paid me 14k, bought the car back for 1,700 and probably have 4k in fixing it from the wreck.

With the mods I have done to the car I don't think they would be hard to sell off or use on the engine in the Civic and luckily I hadn't done many mods.
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