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Firstly I’ve tried forums for DAYS but can’t get a solid answer!
Doing a kswap (base dc5 20a3)
Into a ‘95 EG cauto if that makes any difference)

now I have the full donor car, therefore am trying to use the immobilizer module and key.
I have looked into wiring diagram to wire it across, they all state 02-04 but nothing is different on the particular ECU pins they have in common (E3 and E27)
Now other sources say different pins in the A plug for earth, and some say I need to wire into the relay for the coils/fuel directly, although I have 12v to the coil just no signal.
I have changed the chassis harness where needed to work with the 05-06 harness, plugged it in, fuel is priming but no spark...

I have tested at the immobiliser plug itself and have power in and out, earth, a 5v and a variable signal up to about 20v which all seem accounted for in previous diagrams, cel light, brake fluid switch etc
Is the immobilizer meant to spit out anything in participating to e27? All I have is the 12v as instructed.
surely it’s not just a 12v input and earth? Otherwise a simple bypass without the immobilizer module would be EASY!

There’s obviously something I’m missing here, any input would be great!
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