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It pains me to think that someone else might be driving my hard work. I never thought I would come to this day of letting go of something that has been a part of my life for almost five years, but when things get tough its time to move on.

Main Reason for Selling

Going to go back to school and won't be able to afford it.


Roughly 90,000 on the Body
45,000 on the motor

Short Comings on the Car

1. The car was completely gutted to paint the car. Upon removal of the headliner it was broken and I have yet to replace the headliner.

2. It will possibly need new e-brake cables. I bought new e-brake cables, but have yet to put them on. They will come with the car.

3. The hood is starting to crack a little.

Price: 13,500obo

Vehicle Information:



Milano Red Paint with Bronze Pearl (Black Roof)
Civic Type R Front and Rear Bumpers
Civic Type R Front and Rear Lips
Civic Type R Side Skirts
Civic Type R Front and Rear H's
04-05 Headlight Converstion
VIS Mugen Replica Carbon Fiber Hood
VIS Mugen Replica Carbon Fiber Wing
Datum Rear Tow Hook
European Front Plate


Buddy Club Racing Spec Seat w/ Sparco Sliders
Crow 3" Harness with Harness Pads
Red Carpet
Civic Type R RHD Floor Mats
Civic Type R Shift Boot
Civic Type R Gauge Cluster
Skunk 2 Shift Knob
Defi Blue Racer Pressure, Temperature Gauges
AEM Wideband Gauge
Sparco Foot Pedals
Momo Tuner Steering Wheel (red stitch)
Momo hub
NRG Quick Release version 1

Rollers and Stoppers

Advan RGII's 17 x 7.5 43 offset
BRG Drag Radials in front 225/45
Falken Azenis RT-615 in back 215/45
Buddy Club Extended Lugs
StopTech Front Brakes w/slotted Roters
Power Slot rear roters
Axis Brake Pads (Front)
Hawk Brake Pads (Rear)


Apexi n1 Civic Type R Spec Coilovers
SPC Front and Rear Camber Kits
Cusco Front Sway Bar
Progress Rear Sway Bar w/ Energy Suspension Bushings
J's Racing Steer Arms w/ Tie Rod Ends
Mr. Alex Rear Strut Tower Bar


K20a2 Engine
Hondata Kpro
6 Speed Gear Box
Carbonetix 1.5 Limited Slip Differentia
Aeromotive 1000 Fuel Pressure Regulator
440 RC injectors
PasswordJDM Carbon Intake Chamber
Civic Type R Valve Cover
IK24 Spark Plugs
Golden Eagle Fuel Rail
Summit Fuel Filter
T1R 70mm Exhaust
Avid Racing Motor Mounts
Ingalls Engine Torque Dampner
Koyo Aluminum Radiator

I am not parting out the car because I don't feel like it. You want whats on the car, BUY IT!!!!

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No reason to part out such a beautiful work of art. Good luck with sale.


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Just thought I would fill everyone in a little more on the car. I have almost all the reciepts for every part on the car. If I don't have them and you need a reciept I can get them very easy for all the parts on the car.

This motor is solid. The car was tuned in Columbus, OH at SlowMotionMotorsports. Great guys and corey is a maniac with a boosted honda. During the tuning there were absolutely no knocks. When he finished he complimented on how well the motor and turbo was put together because he didn't experience any knock during the entire 2 hour tuning session.

I have done all the work on the car myself. I am a perfectionist when it comes to building something and I baby this motor. Since the turbo install the car has only been down the 1320 three times. Not really enough passes to get a good pass really. I have probably only taken it to redline (8200) maybe 10 times since the turbo install.

With all the parts installed on this car I have easily $40,000 invested in this car. If you purchase this car you aren't purchasing a car with any cheap parts at all. Everything was thought out and purchased accordingly. No corners cut.

If you have any questions about my car please e-mail me or pm me. E-mail: [email protected]

Happy Hunting and God Bless


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Bump I will entertain offers on this car. But please no lowballing. I will also take parts off if you want the price to go down a little.

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I am interested. Money not a problem.
Great car!
What is ground clearance +- ?
If aftermarket side moldings are removed is it painted there?
Where are you?
I know these are all stupid questions but....

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1. There is no problem at all with ground clearance. I have the car low, but not low enough to bottom out when you hit bumps. The exhaust surprisingly does not hang much lower than your normal aftermarket exhaust. On the exhaust down pipe has a vband flange. So I welded a vband flange on the exhaust and took out the bottle neck at the three bolt flange. So this is exhaust is a true 70mm.

2. On a 02 Si there are no sidemoldings. So there is no problems there.

3. I am located in Indiana.

I got your e-mail and I emailed you back. I will try and give you a call sometime this afternoon. Thanks for the interest.


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Bump. I added a video of a 1/2 throttle 1st-3rd. Hit 5 psi. I didn't want to push the car because it was 20 degrees out when the video was shot.

Happy shopping.
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