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  1. Engine Building
    This is honestly more of a rant post than anything else bc I'm ****ing pissed. I'm currently building a k24/20 motor with forged internals. I purchased Wiseco's 87.5mm 10.2 compression k24/20 piston kit. I took my block to a machine shop to get it bored out to 87.5mm, with .0025" of piston to...
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I’m trying to build my k24/k20 in my rsx and I need some help. What do you guys think about running wiseco 12.9:1 pistons and Manley H beam rods. I’m looking for a reliable daily quick car and I’m new to this. Thanks
  3. Parts for sale
    Sold sold sold please delete [/URL [URL=]
  4. Parts for sale
    pistons sold/traded away. Baffle kits still available * K-series bolt-in oil pan baffle kit * Kit consists of a Jun bolt-in main baffle (same one Blueprint Racing use to offer) w/mounting hardware. Mounts on top of windage tray. Also includes a TracTuff timing chain baffle plate. Excellent...
  5. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    So I've got this big problem, or what I'm making out to be at least. Just got the aiwaited call from the machine shop, my motor is done and assembled! But they then go on to say they needed to remove the oil squirters from the block because when he turned it over, it was hitting them. Has...
  6. Motors / Swaps for sale selling my fully built k24 longblock...motor made 292hp with 202tq....went 10.8 in my bubble this summer... vin: shsrd78844u257466 block id: 3567444 Motor : maybe 3 miles at most on it... K24a1 block built by fischer auto machine 88mm 13.7:1 wiseco pistons Blueprint Pro series...
1-6 of 6 Results