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  1. K20a3 Swap help

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Greetings, new to the forum not sure if this was discussed before but not seeing any info after checking the site for couple weeks. I have a 2003 Honda Civic ES model and I'm in the process of swapping in a K20a3 engine and transmission form a 2006 RSX base. I notice that the wiring guide for...
  2. HELP! CRX Swap No Crank!

    1988-1991 EF Civic / CRX K-Series Swap
    I've been wrestling with getting my K24 to turn over to no avail, here's some background: -fuel pump and ecu turns on (K-Pro) -there are no codes thrown on the K-Pro -the basemap is uploaded -the engine and transmission are grounded -the wiring harness is grounded to engine - I'm running a...
  3. Trimming/tucking Wiring prep for EK K20 K24

    Wiring and Electronics
    I just prepareing my car to trim the unnecessary wiring , specially inside , I really have to figure , should i trim it before plugging the conversion or should i trim after i plug the conversion. Got the figure which wiring go to where , from end wiring , so i pretty much marking the wiring...
  4. k20a3 into EG will only start with starting fluid. NO INJECTOR PULSE whats wrong?

    Wiring and Electronics
    i have a k20a3 in my eg, i messed up and bought the wrong conversion harness. i bought a Hasport 99-00 ek conversion harness, so i went a purchased a 00 entire cabin harness, and everything works as it should but i have no injector pulse. ive used a NOID light so i kno i dont. i do have 12v at...
  5. pra 02 wiring

    Wiring and Electronics
    hi thort id ask around if any one knows how to do this as i dont thinks its been done or i just cant find any info or diagrams on it since its going backwards so iv got a pra kpro ecu and im using a prb style conversion harness set up for wide band and iv got a dc5 integra type r engine harness...
  6. k20a3 wiring without underdash fuse/relay box

    Wiring and Electronics
    Hey guys so I'm getting close to completing my ariel atom build, and the largest hurdle coming up is electrical. I have the complete wiring harness from the engine side including ecu and under hood fuse/relay box. I however do not have the underdash fuse/relay box. I was wondering if this is...
  7. K20a3 Ecu Into Hondata v4? Noob Question!

    ECU and Tuning
    I'll be using my ecu k20a3 from civic si ep3 for hondata. Now I'm wondering if I'll be missing any features if I don't use a k20a2 ecu. Now I know it's hondata so I can rewrite any maps on it but will I be missing any features. Are the k20a3 and k20a2 harness different? I'm trying to buy a...
  8. k24a3 swap wiring

    General K-series related talk
    Hi so I'm doing a k24a3 swap and need some help with the wiring as far as I'm aware the k24a3 is the same as a k24a2 tax engine but was wondering what wiring harness do I use is will the normal k20 dc5 rsx harness work? And what ecu can I use does kpro work with this engine? And can I use a...
  9. k24z3 wiring/info

    Wiring and Electronics
    hi so I just thort id open a post about the Honda accord euro/ acura tsx k24z3 wiring, for info about the sensors,plugs,pin outs, for a conversion if any one has good input about this please share :wtf:
  10. 05-06 Engine Harness 04 K20a2 Swap Vss Plug Diff Helppp

    General K-series related talk
    ive got everything done on my swap except the vss i have a 04 k20a2 motor with a 05-06 engine harness and the vss plugs are different so im wondering is there anyway i can switch the wires on my 05-06 harness so i can use the type s vss plug to plug into my type s vss like is there any color...
  11. Need help, please! K-Pro wiring question

    Wiring and Electronics
    I have a k-pro and a wiring harness for a 02-04 rsx-s but I can only plug in two connectors into the k-pro.... I found some pictures showing the third connector that I don't seem to have: Another: Here's what I have on my harness: It seems I'm missing something that goes from that long thin...
  12. A few questions for a new member. es1/em2/rsx

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Hey guys, I just recently got into the Kseries scene and enjoy it very much. But im running into what can possible be very minor problems, but due to my lack of experience with the new platform, I find myself clueless. Here's what I'm dealing with. (a quick FYI, I bought this car from a Buddy of...
  13. Partial budget Kswap! harness ?'s

    ECU and Tuning
    Yo K20! just got a few questions, my eyes hurt from thread searching all night long! so first what i have, second what i think i should be doing, third am i a retard? 1) 1993 honda del sol S sohc vtec, 2004 K24A4 Block 2) so Im trying to budget swap but won't stand for econo Ivtec...
  14. trans reverse switch plug

    Parts Wanted
    I started building my engine harness and need the reverse switch plug with some or as much wire as possible.
  15. Wiring Problem - Conversion Harness or Ground Issue?

    ECU and Tuning
    Car: 1998 Civic Dx Engine: K20A2 with JDM harness (purchased from Rywire) Swap harness: Rywire I purchased a Rywire K-swap conversion harness last year. I finally got around to trying to fire the car last week. When I flip the key to the 'on' position, there is a buzzing coming from the main...
  16. HASPORT EGWK Wiring Harness

    Parts for sale
  17. Wiring Woes! Help?

    ECU and Tuning
    Hey guys, I'm unfortunately having some trouble trying to figure out how everything get's wired up and could DEFINITELY use some guidance. First, the setup: 92 RHD Eg Hatchback RCrew PNP harness (previously used on a LHD eg k-swap) Hondata K-Pro. NEW Motor: Itr k20a w/ stock engine harness...