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  1. Honda OEM Wing (Any1!?)

    The Coffee shop
    So, locally there is a guy that bought a 92-95 coupe, car had an OEM Honda wing that he took off cause he didnt like how it looked like on it, so he is trying to find out what is this thing from... Just wondering... Sorry to the ones that have FB blocked, cause you are not going to be able...
  2. FS: COMPLETE ITR Front End | EK Shark Fins | 99-00 CTR HLs

    Parts for sale
    Ok guys, I have a complete fron end conversion OEM DC2; 2 fenders (w/side markers) 2 headlights (98 Spec) 1 grill 1 hood 1 bumprt (w/lip) 1 rad/bumper support All of this for just $900.00 (or better offer) I have pics of everything, all I need is UR email addy so I can send them UR way in any...
  3. Authentic 1st Gen. Mugen Wing...!!!

    Parts for sale
    I have a 1st gen. Mugen wing for sale guys, need this thing gone fast... Some pics... Price is: US$650 SHIPPED...!!! :up: :up:
  4. DA6 - XSi OEM Spoiler - CHEAP!!!

    Parts for sale
    So I have an OEM spoiler from a JDM DA6 XSi (the one with the 3rd brake light - LEDs) Not looking for any big shot amount of money, sold my 2 DAs so I have no need for this anymore, so my lost is your gain, got this a while ago from a chopped DA6 that came in a container from Japan, never got...