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  1. JRSC, Aftercooler, Meth, AEM Wideband, Suspension, Fuel Setup

    Parts for sale
    So I have decided to put up quite a few extra parts for sale. I am not in a huge rush. All prices are OBO and without shipping. I am willing to ship, but would much rather prefer local pickup. Neuspeed X Brace: This part was a great addition to the car. It is the original under-car brace...
  2. Are USDM EP3 and base RSX O2 sensors also wideband?

    ECU and Tuning
    I'd normally search harder but I'm on my iPhone right now and it's not so easy to navigate. My friend's K24 swapped RSX needed a replacement O2 sensor one day so I gave him my 02 RSX-S O2 sensor. He said he'd get me a new one. Well, I got the new one but it says on the box that the part # is...