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vtec killer

  1. vtec killer, k20a3, [email protected] need help with best vct angle under boost

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    hi I've searched high and low for some good vct angles under boost for my vtec killer setup and ive come up dry. 3 posts I read said they go as high as *45 or *50 with no valve interface, one guy said he bent 7 intake valves going above *30? my highest angle ive gone is *25 with no problem but I...
  2. FS/CA: K20a3 vtec killer with type R goods.

    Motors / Swaps for sale
    Everything Sold. Please close. Thank you.
  3. F/s vtec killer rockers oem set up 8pcs

    Parts for sale
    SOLD to: k20daffy
  4. 196hp k20a3 (Vtec killer, k20a2 cams)

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Well I finally got my k20a3 dynoed over the weekend and here are the results. This is a before after comparison from the stock k20a3 cams vs. k20a2 cams. I went with the k20a3 exhaust rocker set-up, i think i'm herd about it being used other places, i think* this might be one of the first...