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  1. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hey guys. First time poster here so let me know if I'm in the wrong section. I"ve just purchased a K24A3 and gearbox to go into an EG. My goal is 170kw/230hp at the wheels with the stock block and head. My old DC5 Type R made 160kw with bolt ons and a good tune. I have a few questions: Is it...
  2. Parts Wanted
    Hi I'm after a k20 50 degree vtc came for me k24a3 if any has one up for grabs Just pm me your offers shipped to Brisbane qld Australia 4061 cheers :coleman:
  3. ECU and Tuning
    hey guys like the title says I'm having trouble with the vtc malfuncion error code, just wanted to make sure if there is a fix for this issue. Here's the thing Irecently bought a Kpro secondhand, the thing is he had a 05 rsx, mine is a 03 so since i installed the Ecu my car has been showing up...
  4. General K-series related talk
    please read everything. Code 56. VTC solenoid mailfunction. It represents my last hurdle. Im going to paint a picture, and however kindergarten it may seemed when typed out, i assure you its just to paint a full and accurate picture so that someone can actually diagnose it over the internet...
  5. Parts for sale
  6. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Alright guys, I've done some searching around and have yet to see an all motor setup that really makes me want to follow it. Specifically speaking, because of a lack of holding power out to redline. Which I really don't understand because K-heads are supposed to be the best flowing honda heads...
  7. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I was wondering if anyone has thought about this?? Using two VTC cam gears, one for intake and one for exhasut. That would require the following - extra wiring with a plug to the vtc solenoid - modifying the head to accept another vtc solenoid, - veriffy the oil passages can be added in order...
  8. Advanced Engine Theory and Design
    I hate to start new threads knowing there is some information SOMEWHERE on this site but I can't find it. I'm currenty in the process of building my K20a2 motor and I'm trying to research on heads.... My original plan was the strap my built K20a2 block with a stock K20a2 head and a GT35R and...
1-8 of 8 Results