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  1. 1995 eg coupe with a 08 6 speed vss problems

    Wiring and Electronics
    I'm completely new to all of this, but is their a converter I need to buy or can I just switch the plug for the vss on my 95 civic with a k24a4. I switch the plug over to the right one and the speedometer would shoot right up to 158mph on the cluster and ECU. Everything else works perfectly fine...
  2. k20z3 VSS CONVERTER CEL code17

    Wiring and Electronics
    hey guys, having a little issue with my K-Tuned vss converter, so i installed it after a little help from the guys over at rywire clearing some things up about my harness, anyways heres my setup and whats going on; K20z3, 02-04 Rywire harness, PRB ecu, K-Tuned vss converter, kpro v3. Kpro gear...
  3. need gearbox guro speed sensor problem

    General K-series related talk
    gday ok so iv got a k24 6 speed gearbox out of a 2008 honda accord euro k24a3 same as the tsx gearbox code is sm5m. the problem im having is that i cant seem to find a vss/speed sensor to fit it iv ordered the tsx one and its to long and broke the tip off the sensor and the accord one is so...
  4. Kpro vss out

    ECU and Tuning
    OK guys help me out here. i have a k24 integra and the speedo on the cluster is off by like 10mph, I wired the orange wire on the cluster plug (which is the vss input) to the kpro connector E pin 25 vss out. The speedo on cluster did not work with it being wired to kpro vss out. The reason i did...
  5. How to use an 06 Si trans with your 02-04 engine

    K-Series Transmission
    I've seen a bunch of threads like this. So I'd like to clarify a few things to make it work with an 02-04 wiring harness. What you need: 06+ Civic Si transmission 1 1/16" drill bit 02-04 rsx speed ring gear Part #41312-PPP-000 02-04 rsx shifter mechanism 02-04 rsx shifter cable holder 02-04...