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  1. Rebuilding spare head, what parts can i reuse?

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I have a 100k mile k24z3 head that im rebuilding as a spare since I'm building the block and going to use a different head on it. Everything looks good in the head and I want to know what I can reuse and what I should replace to have a reliable head without buying all new parts. I was thinking...
  2. Cylinder Head, Rocker Arm Issues

    Engine Building
    I finished up building my engine. Forged internals on the block and Supertech valves, springs and retainers with Skunk2 stage 2 cams on K20a2 head. Quickly noticed that after exactly 1700 rpm it starts making a horrible noise coming from the head, something like a rattle. I can't be neither...
  3. Brian Crower Valves BRAND NEW!! CHEAP!!! |k24a3 & k24a1 bare blocks

    Parts for sale
    Hey what's k20a members up for sale just like the title saids BRIAN CROWER standard size flat bottom valves for a k20a/k20a2 head. they are been sold in the box never installed I'M askin for $200 firm they going for $310 on BC site. i'll shipped then at buyer expense paypals fee no included it...
  4. RSX-S NA build underway... What should I expect?

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Alright guys, little background real quick, I just recently bought an 03 rsx-s not too long ago, this will be my first kseries, it has a Brian Crower 2.35 stroker, eagle rods, and 12.5:1 comp ratio CP pistons (stock bore) and manley rings. No head upgrades, nothing, in fact the owner said the...
  5. Cams and Valvetrain for K20A1/2/3/4

    Parts for sale
    I am posting this for my friend Ben (1slowk24) because his post count isn't high enough for him to create his own thread. He was the very first guy to run Kpro in an automatic accord thanks to Cham's hard work and ingenuity... so he isn't exactly new on the scene. Any PM's that are sent to me...