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  1. Engine Building
    Rookie engine builder here. :geek: I'm having trouble installing valve locks. All Ferrea parts -Valve lock kit -S10100 dual valve spring -SL1053 spring seat -E11066 retainers -6k series valves It seems to me that the valve is misaligned & not providing enough room for the valve locks. 1 of...
  2. General K-series related talk
    Hi K20A enthusiasts, once I had a very interessting discussion with Joe McCarthy how much power could be generated with a stock K20A: stock K20A2 block stock K20A2 crank assembly incl. pistons stock K20A2 cylinder head stock K20A2 valve train OEM cams (e.g. K20A or K20Z1 ones) stock K20A2...
  3. Parts for sale
    for sale, want this stuff gone.... - a complete set of k20z1 oem valves SOLD - Vtec spool valve thing 20 shipped - Complete set of bolts for rocker assembly & valve cover into head SOLD - OEM honda center caps brand new never used (see pictures for dimensions) SOLD
  4. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I read everywhere that the valve springs in the K20A are different from those in the K20A2, but which are the differences? And these: Are they from a K20A or a K20A2? Thanks for helping.
  5. 2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    I replaced the intake cam (stock) on my EP3 but can't get it to stop rattling. Adjustment specs are supposed to be: Intake - 0.21 to 0.25mm Exhaust - 0.28 to 0.32mm First I adjusted to the exact middle of the specs, 0.23 intake and 0.30 exhaust and it was really loud... enough that nobody here...
  6. Parts Wanted
    Hey guys like the title says, I need a Evap valve for a K20A2, its the valve sitting on top of the throttle body. Send me a pm or reply to the post if you got one laying around. Thanks
1-7 of 8 Results