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  1. Parts for sale
    Nothing fancy 55.00 shipped, had it posted before the move, can update the card if the date makes you nervous Got a Z3 OE clutch with about 5K miles on it I have more to post once I unpack so...
  2. Parts for sale
    Hey guys. I was planning on swapping a k20a3 into my car and doing a killer Vtec setup. Sadly i never received my a3 :( I was gonna get another K engine but decided i would get a bike instead. I havent gotten the bike yet but selling these parts will help with my down payment :) Feel free to...
  3. Parts for sale
    this was a spare vc that i've had sittin around. no longer have a k so dont need it anymore. the wrinkle black came out ok. i like the way it looks. maybe someone else would too. MAKE OFFER.
  4. Parts for sale
    All parts are from an 05 Type-S or an 06 TSX and universal stuff is well universal.... ALL PARTS ARE OBO JUST WANT A CLEAN GARAGE Start with RSX/TSX parts *05 tails mint *4x k20 Ignition Coils $150 *RSX exhaust Manifold RSX Catalytic Converter <------- (Exhaust I'd like local...
  5. Parts for sale
    k24 valve cover, alternator, coilpacks, fuel rail/injectors, trottlebody Delete!!!!! Thx
1-7 of 7 Results