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  1. Engine Building
    My valve cover (90012-PNA-003) thread broke off due to me overtightening my acorn nuts. Ordered a new bolt but I was wondering if it would be fine to remove and install a new one without losening all the other bolts and tightening it back in order. To tighten it back in is 16ft lb?
  2. Parts for sale
    Nothing fancy 55.00 shipped, had it posted before the move, can update the card if the date makes you nervous Got a Z3 OE clutch with about 5K miles on it I have more to post once I unpack so...
  3. Parts for sale
    Hey guys. I was planning on swapping a k20a3 into my car and doing a killer Vtec setup. Sadly i never received my a3 :( I was gonna get another K engine but decided i would get a bike instead. I havent gotten the bike yet but selling these parts will help with my down payment :) Feel free to...
  4. Parts for sale
    this was a spare vc that i've had sittin around. no longer have a k so dont need it anymore. the wrinkle black came out ok. i like the way it looks. maybe someone else would too. MAKE OFFER.
  5. Parts for sale
    All parts are from an 05 Type-S or an 06 TSX and universal stuff is well universal.... ALL PARTS ARE OBO JUST WANT A CLEAN GARAGE Start with RSX/TSX parts *05 tails mint *4x k20 Ignition Coils $150 *RSX exhaust Manifold RSX Catalytic Converter <------- (Exhaust I'd like local...
  6. Parts for sale
    k24 valve cover, alternator, coilpacks, fuel rail/injectors, trottlebody Delete!!!!! Thx
1-8 of 8 Results