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  1. 06 rsx type s fly by wire swap into em2

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    Hey guys I have a full 06 rsx type s donner car that I'm going to be swapping pretty much everything in to the em2 but was wondering if there is anything I need to know about the fly by wire system and if I would run it any issues was thinking that if I swap the pedle assembly out of the rsx...
  2. **Six speed second gear needed**

    K-Series Transmission
    Hi, there. I am in desperate need of a second gear for a 04' type S second gear. Part# 23431-PNS-000. It is on back order with Honda and am wondering if anyone knows anywhere that might have this in stock? Thanks!
  3. parting out PRB head

    Parts for sale
    got a prb head that was hot tanked and cleaned and replaced all intake valves i wanted 700 firm for the complete head assembly but no one has the cash so im forced to part it out bare head 300 with valves springs and retainers 35o sold rocker assembly 150 + shipping A2 cams 150 shipped...
  4. Toyo R888's, Skunk2 cams, ES motor mount inserts, Hondata IM gasket, etc...

    Parts for sale
    Skunk2 cams, ES motor mount inserts, spline drive lug nuts, etc... I've sold my 05 Type-S and have these parts still sitting around. I want them gone, so if you want anything make me an offer! Most of these parts were installed for about 30-40k miles. Skunk2 Tuner Series Stage 1 cams...
  5. shifter box, cables and mounting plate!!!

    Parts for sale
    what up k20a members up for sale is one of my few parts that i'll be upgrading. is a shifter box cables and the mounting plate all in one along with the clips and all the hardware needed it for the complete install..below are some pictures. the price is $250 with paypal fees included. buyers is...
  6. Turbo Mounts Fuel pressure regulator BNIB

    Parts for sale
    New Years K20 sale Happy holidays k20. what we have for sell today is turbo=sold Next i have a mint set of Hasport mounts for ek civic using ekk2. just mounts not brackets mounts=$150 BNIB Elderbrock 70mm throotle body with elderbrock spacer throttle body=sold New set of DSS honda civic ek k...
  7. RSX type s question: k20a2 to k20a3

    General K-series related talk
    Hey guys whats up I have done searching and found a few threads similar to my question but nothing that answered it. So here is my question, can you swap a k20a3 dirrectly into a RSX type s. I bought a RSX type s the other day that jumped 6 teeth and junked the motor, I priced the k20a2 and I...
  8. F/S Hondata K-pro ECU 02-04

    Parts for sale
  9. FS: 04 RSX Type S K20A2 Head

    Motors / Swaps for sale
  10. SRS module/unit for Acura RSX 2003 (Type S)

    Parts Wanted
    Hi I am looking for SRS unit/module for RSX which would work in a 2003. There should be no deployment history stored in the module. My driver airbag deployed and I replaced it but the light still stays on so i need to replace the module. Thanks in advance!
  11. L.a FT FS: 02-05 pnf ecu off ep3 for JDM DC5 R ECU

    Parts for sale
    L.a FT FS: 02-05 pnf ecu off ep3 for JDM K20A PRC ECU SOLD TO *DOHC-K20* $150 picked up $160 shipped
  12. K20A2 Parts interchange

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I have a 02 RSX type S and i just found out i need an alternator and an ac compressor, just wanted to know if they are the same as a K20A3.
  13. Want to Buy Hondata K Pro

    Parts Wanted
    I am looking for a type s Hondata K Pro ECU Call/text 336-410-3503 or send me a PM, Thx.
  14. Need rsx type s ecu

    Parts Wanted
    i need a 03-04 type s ecu got cash.
  15. K20a engine in 02 Acura Rsx Starting problems

    ECU and Tuning
    I have a 02 Rsx type s blew the motor at the track and came up with a good deal on a k20a type r motor--- bought it came with everything ecu harness and motor no tranny tho (DARN) put it all in switched the type s harness to the motor and type s vtec solenoid.... reason for solenoid switch is...
  16. 05 Type S tranny

    Parts for sale
    I have a 05 Type S tranny with less then 20k, fresh no grinds. 950 Location NOVA