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  1. FS: Genuine HKS TURBO KIT

    Parts for sale
    Hello all, I am selling a HKS turbo kit I had on my K24a2 2006 Acura RSX Type-S. On wastegate (5psi) it made 285whp/250wtq on Kpro. Used for (1) oil change. Roughly 1500 miles. Blew the rings on cyl # 1 and went back to a z1 and removed the kit. Had intentions of re-installing with 1000CC...
  2. Turboing an Element k24a4

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hello everyone! You read that rights. I’m looking to turbo my daily Element. Im not the first guy to do this, and I’ve got a baseline. So the list so far. KMOD turbo manifold. Turbo smart BOV, Turbo Smart Waste Gate. Oil lines. 2006 element ktuner. Gonna make up custom piping from turbo to...
  3. Turbo Parts 4/S

    Parts for sale
    fairly new Kmod Sidewinder manifold T4 44mm , 2 tial MVR 44mm waste gate (purple , silver ) one used other is brand new still in box! borg warner s300 with billet wheel, Rbc intake manifold , k series type s transmission case both pieces. contact info #3474zero019five4 or email...
  4. Quickest/any 1/4mile Internally stock K turbo

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Interested to know what is the fastest/any recorded internally stock k turbo just throw it out there and with any info on car in this format let’s see those stock K turbo builds Car: eg hatch engine: k20z1 turbo kit:blueridge mani, borgwarner 62/85 custom hot/coldparts, tial 44mm x2 Weight...
  5. K Series T4 Sidewinder

    Parts for sale
    Sold Sold
  6. vtec killer, k20a3, [email protected] need help with best vct angle under boost

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    hi I've searched high and low for some good vct angles under boost for my vtec killer setup and ive come up dry. 3 posts I read said they go as high as *45 or *50 with no valve interface, one guy said he bent 7 intake valves going above *30? my highest angle ive gone is *25 with no problem but I...
  7. Best cams for ported head turbo, 800+hp range

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Whats up guys, i current am in the middle of rebuilding my motor for next year. I am currious as to what you guys think is the best cam to support my motor. currently have ipskt1 cams , was looking into maybe kt2's or some prayoonto stg 2's or stg 3's ? Previous setup: K20a2 , car made...
  8. Borg Warner SXE Turbochargers

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hey guys, I'm sure you have heard about the Borg Warner SX-E line of turbos expected to be released August 1st, 2015. I searched for a thread pertaining to them but, didn't find one so I figured I'd start one where we can compile and share info. I want to thank Full-Race Geoff, Howard Coleman...
  9. 2009 Honda Civic si turbo taffeta white

    Cars for Sale
    $19000 Please txt me for questions and concerns 717-658-1157 Up for sale is my 2009 Honda Civic si turbo. This is one of the cleanest cars around . It has the full race EFR Borg Warner 7670 turbo kit on it. It just turned over to 50k miles. Has less than 8k miles on turbo setup. I bought the...
  10. NJ FS: 2000 JDM Acura Integra DC2 TURBO 400+whp

    Cars for Sale
    solddddd solddddddd
  11. Help me choose a turbo for my K20 Lotus Elise

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    Hi All, I'm building a S2 Lotus Elise with a Honda K20a conversion. The block is currently being built, new bearings and pistons but all standard OEM (very slight over bore so the block can be honed). The car is being built for track work at circuits like Castle Combe and Thruxton (I'm in the...
  12. turbo k parts! and other parts

    Parts for sale
    K Turbo parts! Located in Oxford AL Text or pm me 8502289620 Also have other parts Custom Go Fast Racing Turbo Manifold with downpipe/dumptube $750 shipped and paypald Kit Made 625 hp on 21lbs boost wtih 6765 JDM CTR CLUSTER mint! $375 obo...
  13. Deep Sleeper - Turbo CR-V

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    I want to show you my daily driver, deep sleeper. It's a 2004 CR-V, engine swapped to a K24 out of a Euro Accord Type S. The CR-V in Europe only comes with a lame K20A4 Engine. It's a very simple Setup, the sleeves are stock, just Pistons and rods installed into the block - the rest of the...
  14. AEM Infinity 8h brand new

    Parts for sale
    I recently traveled to CA to get factory trained for the new Infinity system and purchased everything i need to switch my personal car over. I bought an extra one to sell while i was there to help recoup the trip costs. Price is 1299 shipped in the usa. (1433 msrp) can ship international no...
  15. All In Fab/Speed Factory Turbo Partout, TiAL, RBC, Blox, Ktuned, Hybrid Racing

    Parts for sale
    Beautiful Powdercoated "Honda" Valve Cover Used K Series "Honda" Valve Cover - $215 FIRM Great condition it was only used for 1 season Powdercoated by Tim at Powder Keg Custom Coatings Card Black base coat with Adams Gold clear coat Pictures do not do it...
  16. Full Race Intercooler W/Piping, Down Pipe/Dump tubes,RBC Manifold,BDL Throttle & MORE

    Parts for sale
    Full Race Intercooler W/Piping, Down Pipe/Dump tubes,RBC Manifold,BDL Throttle & MORE What's up guys, I am currently changing the set up on my car so this parts have to go. All parts came off my 94 Civic EG with K20A2 swap. If interested you can call, private message or text me at 817-495-5710...
  17. ****k24 parts for sale****

    Parts for sale
    for sale:K-series Ignition coils i have 4 ignition coil packs from a k24a1 in working condition for sale, asking $65 shipped, my paypal is [email protected]
  18. FS: 99 civic coupe turbo K20 swap... CLEAN!!

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    1999 Honda Civic DX: The car has been completely rebuilt using only the best parts available at the time of the build which started in 2007. The car was a project of mine while I was in college and has since served its purpose. I currently work in the city and just really don’t have the time...
  19. WTB parts for a full k20a engine and turbo build

    Parts Wanted
    Just picked up a hydrolocked 02 rsx type s that I'll be rebuilding and boosting to about 500hp with a sidewinder kit over the next couple months. I'd like to collect as many brand name parts as I can for less than retail. Used parts at a deep discount are preferred. Looking for: Engine parts-...
  20. FS: Tial 44mm wastegate

    Parts for sale