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  1. ECU and Tuning
    just ordered kpro , will be going into 02 rsx type s, just wanted some advice/tips for a basemap and initial startup with the ecu, this is my first swap any advice would help thanks!
  2. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! New Ep3 owner here, and also tuner in training. I’m taking courses and my shop is getting our dyno setup currently (side note, anyone near western Montana needing tuning, let me know). Loving my hatch, and since I am working towards tuning vehicles I think using my car as a...
  3. ECU and Tuning
    I revise ECU calibrations since a few years just for my own learning and know how build up. I've learned the theory like the math, the models and the physic behind e.g. anti-knock-control-strategies or fuel-mass-calculation-models through my studies and job, but as you know knowhow is nothing...
  4. Engine Building
    Hi folks, did anyone of you "attend" :D - better said bought - a lecture of TUNER As an example:, I was interested in, but 69 $ seems a tough prize for a book, of which I don't know the quality...
  5. General K-series related talk
    So I have been running a few of the new AEM e85 pumps (50-1200) at 70-80 psi base pressure with great results. I'm sure you all know the pumps but just in case here's a pic (below). My question is anyone here running these pumps above 60psi base pressure for an extended period of time? I've...
  6. Pictures Gallery
    Being i am personally a HUGE fan of the K series engines i'm always looking for a good excuse to post here! This Subi was built strictly for the love of driving and the owners desire and passion to learn how to build, maintain and drive his own project. When DJ (owner) first picked up the subi...
  7. General K-series related talk
    Just wanted to share this with my favorite K series forum! Over the last few months i've been working closely with Buddy Club Thailand, tuning, modifying and servicing their DC5 circuit car. Engine: 2.0L Kuroki racing long block **special thanks goes out to Kuroki for the great engine. I would...
  8. Video Gallery
    Nice little video from the first event working with the Buddy Club DC5.
  9. Parts for sale
    Hello, I have a used accessport for sale - looking for $430 shipped. It works, works well. Has all of the parts - obd2 port and usb cable. Unlocked. Pics attached - Questions are welcome! -Danny
  10. Drag Racing
    Here is some footage of Low Budget Tuning and 3 of their cars as they get ready for the 2010 season!!! Click this link below to download and watch the video in high quality!!! Videos/Featured...
  11. All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Alright guys, I've done some searching around and have yet to see an all motor setup that really makes me want to follow it. Specifically speaking, because of a lack of holding power out to redline. Which I really don't understand because K-heads are supposed to be the best flowing honda heads...
1-11 of 11 Results