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tsx intake manifold

  1. WTB 06+ tsx intake manifold

    Parts Wanted
    Edit: Thanks everyone who offered, I got one. Looking for a 2006 TSX Intake Manifold - 17110-RBB-A00. For convenience sake, will also buy the following if you have them: TSX Bracket - 17132-RAC-U00 Accord Throttle Body Gasket – 16176-RTA-004 2003 Accord rubber sealing cap – 90634-PA0-000 Hit...
  2. WTB: 06+ Acura TSX Intake Manifold

    Parts Wanted
    Hey all, I'm looking for an 06+ Acura TSX Intake Manifold. Looking to pay about $75.00 shipped to 43228 (Columbus, OH). Really just need the manifold but let me know if you have the other parts (TB, injector rail, etc) and perhaps we can work something out. Also on the lookout for some OEM...
  3. Skunk2 K-series Manifold Test Fit

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Last night, I got my paws on one of them shiny new Skunk2 K-series intake manifolds :p (well...borrowed). My ex-AEM cohort Robert Green ([email protected]) brought it by to document the install+ fitment. I think it's safe to claim that this is the first commercial install (outside of Skunk's...
  4. Who needs RBC! K24/20 Frank Dyno Inside.

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    I'll get straight to the fun stuff. Got my car tuned using my experimental ported/polished TSX manifold and accord throttle body. Motor Specs: - K24A1 Bottom end (Stock) - K20A2 Oil Pump - K20A2 RSX-S Head (Stock Valves/Spring/Etc) - RSX-S Intake Cam - TSX Exhaust Cam - Ported/Polished TSX...