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  1. Broken Transmission housing for motor mount

    K-Series Transmission
    As you can see in the picture I broke my bellhousing on my k20z1 trans in my k swap EK. (Broken on the rear t bracket, top bolt location on the transmission) I think I broke it at the last autocross I went to. Has anyone else seen anything like this? Chalk it up to bad luck/casting or is this...
  2. JDM K20A Clutch replacement question

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Hi all! The clutch on my '05 Accord Euro R is due for a change now (slipping more Steven Gerrard vs Chelsea, sorry Scousers! All love). For the most part, we have to import most of our parts here in the Cayman Islands. I have been shopping around online for some OEM replacements and just wanted...
  3. Rsx auto trans for sale base 202,000 miles

    Parts for sale
    Open in to offers in Ohio,United states
  4. Syncrotech Hardened 2nd gear and slider

    K-Series Transmission
    Hey guys, Anybody have any experience with the Syncrotech hardened 2nd gear and slider? The 2nd gear on my trans is a little chewed up, having issues engaging 2nd at high rpms. Just wondering if i should just go with OEM 2nd gear set or try syncrotech hardened gear. Don't know how much...
  5. WTB: Kseries 4.7FD with counter shaft

    Parts Wanted
    hi guys, looking for a 4.7 final drive for a k-series transmission with the corresponding counter shaft. must be in excellent condition. please send pics and prices shipped to 15223. thanks
  6. Help! CRV transmissions problems lost!5 Speed manual!

    K-Series Transmission
    Hey guys, i'm somewhat mechanically inclined, but i want see if anyone else has run into this issue. So the other day i was taking a trip down to Denver on the Highway. Cruising around 60-80, cursing along in 5th gear, i started going up a slight incline, i felt the car kinda of stutter not a...
  7. stiffer pressure plate w/ cm fx300 kit

    K-Series Transmission
    i have a all motor k24/k20 with a clutch masters fx300 kit, the clutch is ok, it hooks pretty good and no slippage as far as i know. my problem is that the clutch pedal is not very stiff, it feels almost like a stock pedal, thats not a bad thing but i wanted something a little springy. my...
  8. K24A2 tsx head on a K24Z3 accord block w/ RSX-S 6 spd transmission

    General K-series related talk
    I'm planning to do a K swap in my crx using a K24A2 tsx head on a K24Z3 accord block. I'm going to use tsx pistons and rod in the K24Z3 block. Plus, a K20A2 oil pump, chains, baffle plate, and chain guides. Looking through some forums, some say there is a hole that need to be blocked off if a...
  9. What is the best transmission to use with a K24/K20 frank turbo setup?

    Forced Induction and Nitrous K series discussion
    This is a question for the guys out there that have a boosted K24/K20.. and anyone that has gone trough this before. I'm building a motor right now, K24A4 (b) / K20A2 (t), most of the focus right now is on the bottom end, going from 87.0mm to bore size, and I'm looking around for pistons...
  10. Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's
    Used K20A2 Transmission with Quaife LSD and Custom Ratio's Pulled from a parted out Integra Project Car, This transmission is in good ready to use condition. With no grinds, pop outs, or any other abnormalities experienced while installed in the previous car. Great Gearing for your Turbo or...
  11. School me on Dog Box transmissions

    Drag Racing
    What's available? Ratios? What do you use? Reliability? Maintenance? Hidden costs? Normal K-series clutches and shifter compatible? Will be used in an All Motor car. Expecting 310-330hp (fingers crossed). Cost is a major concern but like everything with this hobby you've got to pay to play...
  12. K-Tuned Shifter Cable Trans Bracket

    New Product and Industry Announcements
    K-Tuned Shifter Cable Trans Bracket MSRP: $79.99 Applications: RSX (All Models and Years), EP3 Civic, 2006-2011 Civic SI (K20Z3) with 2002-2006 RSX-S Shift Selector We have had the idea to make a nice replacement Shifter Cable Bracket for quite some time now. While we were developing our...
  13. k20z3 shifter cable question

    K-Series Transmission
    I have a a2 motor but wanted to see if I crossed the shifter cables of the a2 to match the z3 shifter arm, will it work? I have been looking for the answer and haven't found one on the forums. Thanks
  14. F.S 05 RSX Z1 Trans

    Parts for sale
    looking to sell my trans used only for 1 week, never haad any problems with the trans , no grinds or pop outs, just tried it testing wise in my integra to see if it was any different from the a2 trans , gear ratio wise, i can be reached BEST by TEXT anytime of the day 302..898.4262 looking for...
  15. Brand NEW USDM Acura Integra TYPE R Transmission

    Parts for sale
    :up: USDM B Series 4.4 Final Drive. Brand New, never used. $1300 buyer to add shipping and paypal fees. Shipping is around $65-110. No trades. Going on vacation need cash or gold Thanks for looking.
  16. shifter mechanism hitting tranny (05-06 transmission)

    K-Series Transmission
    hey so i have a weird one for you guys. the shifter mechanism part on the transmission that has both cables connected to it and moves when you shift and the cables move, usually it's supposed to come close to the tranny, but this one actually hits it. the reason why i'm asking is it could...
  17. Transmission help!!!

    K-Series Transmission
    So I am in the midst of replacing my diff and I was pulling my shift mechanism out and away from the trans housing and went to go set the mechanism unit on my work bench and as I did so, a "pin" dropped out onto the bench. I am confused to where it would have came from because I stood there...
  18. WTB: 5 spd trans (Norcal)

    Parts Wanted
    looking for a 5 speed rsx transmission, im located in norcal (CA)
  19. k20a2/z1 engines and k20 parts

    Parts for sale
    engine 1 k20a2 short block-900obo stock pistons w/ rods crank water pump oil pump oil pan timing chain guide/chain/tensioner acl race bearings engine 2/will part out -k20z1 cyl head w/cams/sensors w/ intake manifold with all sensors 1000obo oem head studs used once head has some marks on cyl 2...
  20. Transmission mount bolt Part#?

    K-Series Transmission
    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone know what is the part numbers for the 3 bolts thats goes onto the transmission and engine mount? 2 are suppose to be bolted in. And one is actually a bolt already coming out of the transmission case. I need to replace all 3 of those. Thank you