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  1. K-Series Transmission
    I have a 6 speed trans from a 02 type s and every gear and everything feels fine and smooth but 3rd gear, I put it into 3rd and it doesn’t engage or do anything. I already did a trans fluid change and no metal shreds or pieces came out & clean as new so I don’t think the teeth are gone, at...
  2. K-Series Transmission
    hi there been lookin through the forums last few months on seeing what i can/should do for my rsx base build. my goal is to have a canyon/track car but more for the daily side and keep in the family type thing. HP was gonna be not crazy or anything just like 2 to 300 hundred (300+ if i’m not...
  3. K-Series Transmission
    I recently purchased a used Pnn3 transmission with an oem lsd and took it all apart and put all the internals into my case and replace all the Synchro‘s. I recently got it back into the car and everything works fine but I let off the throttle and coast I hear this whining sound like I’m in...
  4. Parts Wanted
    I’m looking for either a 5 speed or a 6 speed k series manual transmission to get my 2006 accord running again. I need something that is in working condition and runs. Seller must be willing to ship it to Florida Thanks!
1-4 of 4 Results