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  1. Fabbed a traction bar. Check it out.

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    Well I have been getting ready to build my K series CRX, and after a bit of research found that I could not use the stock front crossmember due to the K coming I to contact with it. After looking around I found that a replacement traction bar can be quite pricey, so I decided to built my own...
  2. FS: BNIB K-Tuned Traction Bar 88-91 CRX EF K20 K24 Swap

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  3. ETD traction bar failure

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    ***This thread is in no way trying to bad mouth ETD as a company but to show future patrons what they might have to deal with*** Ok So here my story begins. Ive had the ETD gen 2 traction bar installed on my car for close to 9 months. The car is a 1989 civic DX with b18b with moderate...