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  1. New Guy--K24 MR2

    Introduction Forum
    Hola! Been on here reading for quite some time and now I am taking on a K24 swap in my MR2. I have soooo many questions (although I spend my days reading...a lot) this community seems very knowledgeable. Hope to share my build in the coming months. Cheers :)
  2. any1 w/Lexus GS300...!?

    Parts for sale
    Odd thing is I never have any Yota parts for sale, matter fact this is not even consider as "parts" but I got em and I am not going to do anything w/it soooo... I have 2 sets of OEM trunk lid emblems "V300" and "ARISTO" got a container on tuesday of this week and there were 2 chopped Aristos in...