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  1. K20a2 throttle cable stuck?sticky?long?

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    sorry if there are any threads open on this topic new here. I ordered a hybrid racing throttle cable for my stock a2 throttle body using the OE bracket. Figured it was compatible since its universal. The butterfly(throttle gate) stays open after stepping on the gas pedal. I have to lift the...
  2. Katman's Dyno Adventures!

    All Motor K series Technical Discussion
    Here you'll find consolidated links to all of dyno testing I've personally have setup for the K-series world being the nice guy that I am :) Anything I dyno test will be added and/or linked to this first post from now on, newest to oldest. A lil Katman personal K history... I've been EG...
  3. FS: Autometer 5340 ProShift Light & OEM 62mm Throttle Body

    Parts for sale
    FS: Autometer 5340 ProShift Light & OEM RSXS 62mm Throttle Body All items will be shipped via USPS priority mail with tracking number!:up: paypal address:[email protected] prices include shipping:up: All items where in perfect working condition when removed. Any questions or interests in...
  4. WTB CL7 Accord Euro R ThrottleBody k20a

    Parts Wanted
    I know it's probably goin to be tough to find, but by coincedence, I figured if anyones runnin the CL7 k20a and are in the process of getting rid of some parts or plans to upgrade to a larger TB, I'd like to experiment with the throttlebody. I've got money in hand... just show me some pics with...
  5. K20A2 cylinder head, Skunk2 cams, more...

    Parts for sale
    Selling all the stuff I was getting together for my em2 k24/k20 build, including a type-s cylinder head with a nearly-fresh port and polish. Up for Sale: - K20A2 Cylinder head, recent port and polish, new valve seals, OEM valves, Skunk2 Stage 2 Camshafts, Skunk2 titanium retainers...
  6. RBC manifold with types throttle body

    Parts for sale
    am selling a complete manifold with a ported type s throttle body, is ported and karceps adapter and gaskets am selling both for $300 lmk people taking offers also selling p2r fuel rail and rdx 440cc injectors for $250