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  1. Cars for Sale
    Dallas, TX: Selling my 2002 Honda Civic Si Hatchback with about 88k miles (manual transmission). I'm the original owner - I bought it new at a Honda dealership in 2003 (in Los Angeles), and it's treated me very well. It's only been in Los Angeles and Dallas, TX. (Full disclosure: the SRS light...
  2. Cars for Sale
    For sale is a civic hatch with a lot of mods I have a fully custom exhaust built by t1 tacing 15 in drag wheels with brand new tires K24 block k20 head (if you do not know what that is please google it or call me) Tuned to 8200 rpms on hondata kpro right now I have it tuned to 75 percent of...
  3. NEW - Welding and Fabrication Forum
    Check out this cage I am working on. I also built the turbo kit, but the pics are just the chassis for now. ENJOY :dance:
  4. ECU and Tuning
    I bought my RSX about a month ago and since then I have been planning this trip. First mod (other than what came on the car) was Kpro, and I went to work. When I bought my car it had no 3rd gear, so since I couldnt focus as much on the Full Throttle portion of my tune, I focused on the part...
1-4 of 4 Results