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  1. good spring rates for +30 16x8 225/45 square

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    Hey whats up everyone just looking for some insight. title says it all lol. So im hardly rubbing in my integra in the rear ive adjusted my alignment a lot but it doesnt seem to do justice, i have the fenders rolled flat with hardly any pull if any, my current coilovers are Buddyclub N+ with the...
  2. Complete KYB Excel-G Shock Set + Monroe Mounting Kit

    Parts for sale
    Selling Complete KYB Excel-G Gas Shock Set ( Front and Rear) with Monroe Mounting Kit - fits 2002-2005 Civic Si EP - $260 + shipping. Brand new never installed, sold car.
  3. ONE DAY ONLY!!! KSport Kontrol Pro EG & EK

    KSPORT ONE DAY SALE!!! EG EK How to order?: Call us at the number below Call 1-800-959-0145 ext 104 toll free and mention the sale **Master Card, Visa, Discover, AMEX** OR PM US!!!!!!! EMAIL: [email protected] WE ALSO USE AIM: [email protected] : Like Us on Facebook
  4. kswap integra blox coilovers

    1992+ Civic EG / DC2 / EK K-Series Swap
    anybody have any expirence with the Blox Competition Series Coilovers? looking into a good suspension for my all motor k24/k20 integra.
  5. WTB: 94-01 DC Integra rear subframe brace

    Parts Wanted
    like the title says, send me pics too and a price shipped, my cell 412-478-4417 thanks
  6. Brand New!!!! VOODOO 13 LCA's & Camber Arms CHECK THESE OUT!!

    THE BEST USA MADE ARMS ON THE MARKET LINK>>>>ABOUT VOODOO13<<<<LINK They are a MIL-SPEC parts manufacturer, Made in the USA, suspension for street, drift and road racing. The evolution of motorsports has created more horsepower, faster speeds and technology that will not stop. Progression...
  7. Function and Form Type-1 Adjustable Coilovers - F2

    Just $595 Shipped For more info and to purchase visit Features Dampening pre-tuned from the factory Ride height adjustable seperate of pre-load Steel lower mounts for maximum strength Top mounts included on applications that are applicable Special oil...
  8. Group buy Requests?

    Thinking about doing some group buys. What would you guys like to get started? Throw out some ideas on what you need. :nod:
  9. ★★★ WTB full coilovers EG ★★★

    Parts Wanted
    Maybe one of you are upgrading to a new suspension set up and would like to sell me your cast offs. Looking for a good quality suspension for street use not prone to failure. Let me know what you got. Thanks fellas!
  10. Buddy Club Super Sale | Coilovers and MORE | You Call It!

    Buddy Club N+ Perfect for street use, the Buddy Club N+ Spec Coilovers are a complete height and damper adjustable suspension kit which is cost effective and well rounded for budget minded weekend club racers. With optional urethane isolated aluminium upper mount design, engineered spring...
  11. Suspension Setup Opinions EG6 K20A

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    EDIT: 09/28/2011 Big changes here guys and I don't even know why I am putting it down... Well here goes. Suspension 2.0 AMR Engineering Coilovers 550fr/650rr (Received on September 15th 2011) King Motorsports Rear Camber Kit (Bought Used for $75.00...What!) 'Special' Front Camber Kit (Coming...
  12. AutoCross Secrets - On FWD

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    This is by far one of the best explanations of FWD suspension physics, charicturistics and overall theory I have ever read. I thought others might enjoy it. If you want to read more from the same site, go to the Far North Racing website. There is an abundence of worth while reading there...
  13. rsx coilovers?

    2001+ Civic EP3 / RSX DC5 / EM2
    will rsx (dc5) coilovers work on a 01 civic ex (em2) with 5 lug conversion? i did a 5 lug conversion when i did the swap back when, and kept my stock suspension. now looking for suspension and wondering if i shld just go with aftermarket rsx coilovers. a buddy of mine is selling tein set for...
  14. DAILY/auto x Suspension need help choosing

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    Hi guys i have been looking around a ton for suspension (97 ek), i would just like some opinions from others regarding; handling, overall life, and comfort. After suspension i plan on doing a k24 swap also. So with this in mind know the motor's weight is more so i just wanna be ready with the...
  15. GC spring rate question.

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    Ok I'm looking at getting a Koni/GC combo and when looking at the GC website realized I have no idea what I'm looking at. Its listed as GC180.64.44 (7/2.5"/250 lbs). I assume the first part is just part number but the part thats in the parenthasis, the last is spring rate and second is spring...
  16. skunk2 intake manifold, tial 50mm, sparco sprintV, blox drags

    Parts for sale
    hey have a couple of things forsale id love to trade for s2000 parts or general turbo parts such as i need an aem ems for an s2000, injectors, wastegates, turbo (no baby dicks) intercooler or whatever you know what i mean. i have a brand new condition skunk2 intake manifold that will fit any...
  17. FS: Tein flex

    Parts for sale
    Selling a used set of RSX Tein Flex Suspension. Comes with edfc missing one motor. Broke while taking out. $800 + shipping or $800 local pick up.
  18. Which Bushings SHOULD NOT Be Installed???

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    Which of these bushings should i not have installed? Incase you need more info, this is what my suspension setup will consist of. GC/Koni Combo - 450 Front/400 Rear GC Upper Mounts GC Soft, Progressive 10-14mm Foam Bump Stops '99 GSR Front LCA's Function 7 Rear LCA's*** Rota J.SPL 15x6.5...
  19. New Suspension Setup - Thoughts & Opinions very welcomed

    Suspension, Handling, Body, and Appearance Corner
    So my EG is dropped on Skunk2 sleeves all around, stock shocks up front and Koni Yellows in the rear. Looks to have an Si rear left LCA, and a stock rear right LCA. Now then... my car is just way to fuckin low for my driveway. Car is sitting on 14" del sol wheels, and the car is dropped. The...